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Does the stomach polyps need to be removed?

Stomach polyps usually need to be removed.

Stomach polyps are common clinically. Generally speaking, it does not cause any clinical symptoms. Patients have no abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting or gastric bleeding. During the gastroscopy, it was found that it must be removed in time after discovering the stomach polyps. If the polyps are not removed, it may become larger and larger, which will cause clinical symptoms, such as abdominal pain, and polyps may become malignant. Once malignant changes occur, it is called gastric cancer. The patient’s prognosis is poor, so you can choose a minimally invasive surgical method, that is, gastroscopy polyps. The trauma is relatively small, the complications are relatively small, and the patient recovery is relatively fast. After the polyps are formed, a pathological examination must be performed to determine whether the polyps have become malignant.

If the cysts cannot be treated for a long time, there is a cyst in the stomach that requires surgical treatment, which may lead to deterioration of the disease and the development of gastric cancer. Gastroscopy can feel gastric polyps. In addition, the surgical treatment under the gastroscopy should determine the size of the cysts according to the position of the cyst and size. For example, the cyst around the pylorus or the pylorus, due to the large number of blood vessels, is prone to bleeding during surgical treatment, and the difficulty coefficient is large. If it is a gastric or gastric cyst, surgical treatment is relatively easy to remove. If there is a cycle cyst, it is easier to remove, and the pathological examination is basically sent after the cyst is removed. If there is a pathological change, gastric cancer is needed.

If the cause of gastric polyps is found under gastroscopy, no surgical treatment is required. First, check the gastroscopy and judge according to gastroscopy. If the gastroscopy is found, it is found to consider whether surgery is required. Usually, regular gastroscopy examination, pay attention to diet and lifestyle. However, if gastroscopy finds a large or large amount of cysts in the stomach, and if there are bleeding or frequent inflammation and infection symptoms, there will be some main manifestations of indigestion or hiccups. It is still necessary to perform cyst resection under gastroscopy as soon as possible, and perform pathological examinations after resection to determine whether this feature is benign or malignant.

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