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Does the thyroid nodule drink the dandelion water?

Dandelion flowers can be used to treat thyroid nodules.

It is mainly because dandelion water has the actual effect of clearing heat and relieving fire, swelling and diuretic, which can be used to reduce the symptoms of liver fire, and then it has the actual effect of healing.The thyroid nodule, but the actual effect of dandelion treatment of thyroid nodules is not very significant, and cannot be used as a substitute for drug treatment.

1. The actual effect of dandelion soaked water for thyroid nodules

The thyroid nodules can be soaked in the water.The greater effect of dandelion is clearing heat and relieving fire, swelling, diuretic.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that thyroid nodules are caused by liver fire, dandelion soaked water can detoxify and clear the heart and diuretic.Dandelion flowers can assist in treating thyroid nodules and cannot replace drug treatment.If the condition develops rapidly and other symptoms during this period, please seek medical treatment immediately.

2. Food taboo

Patients with dandelion in patients with thyroid nodules are strictly forbidden to eat for patients with poor spleen and stomach, because dandelion is cold, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.The thyroid nodule is an endocrine disease. In addition to active treatment, a reasonable diet should be made.Patients can eat more ingredients that enhance immunity, such as black fungus and mushrooms.

3. Other diet treatment

Patients can also use rapeseed seeds, kiwi, etc. to eat more swelling and knots.At the level of diet and matching, it is necessary to taste light and eat more vegetables and fruits and fresh fruits with high vitamin content.Also pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol. Do not eat iodine content with high iodine content such as sea crickets and crayfish.Not to mention spicy foods, such as octagonal and peppers.

4. Thyroid nodule examination

The thyroid nodules are the first two gonads, do color Doppler ultrasound examination, check the size of the mass, and check whether the mass is adhesive to the surrounding tissue.If the adhesion of the surrounding tissues is relatively large, the possibility of deterioration cannot be eliminated. The best treatment plan is to perform pathological examinations for puncture thyroid nodules. The pathological examination results are gold standards.If the pathological examination results are cancerous, and tumor cells are found, surgical treatment must be actively performed at this time.

Dandelion water can play a certain role in thyroid nodules, or it is necessary to treat in regular medical institutions.

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