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Does this sleeping posture affect fertility?How can men sleep?

Does the incorrect sleeping position of men affect fertility? Many male friends like to sleep on their stomachs. In fact, this way of sleeping in the prone position is not only easy to compress the internal organs, affects smooth breathing, and has a certain impact on the reproductive system. Especially for young people, the harm is greater. Do you know why sleeping on your stomach affects male reproduction?

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Why do men sleep properly?

Sleeping for a long time can easily stimulate the penis, easily cause frequent nocturnal emission, and also compress the scrotum. If the sperm sperm appears frequently, it will cause symptoms of dizziness, back pain, fatigue, weakness, and inconsistency, and even affect normal work and life. Young people are more sensitive to penile stimulation, so this sleeping position should not be taken. In addition, people with frequent sperm must also be careful of this sleeping position to aggravate the condition.

In addition, the scrotum needs to maintain a slightly lower temperature than the human body in order to help the generation of sperm. Sleeping on your stomach will reduce the heat dissipation of the lower body, and at the same time increase the temperature of the scrotum, so it also has a certain impact on the growth of sperm. Young people who have not yet enforced must be careful.

What sleeping posture is good?

Generally speaking, the principle of sleeping posture is not to compress the internal organs, which is conducive to rest. The left side is easy to compress the heart, affects the blood circulation, and affects the blood supply of the reproductive system. Therefore, it is generally recommended that male friends adopt a supine position or a sleeping position on the right. To the heart, it is best for the body.

These behaviors will also damage male fertility

1. I often wear triangle underwear

Triangular underwear will also hurt the testicles. The tight underwear will fix the scrotum on the abdomen. The function of the testicular regulating temperature will be weakened, which will cause the testicular temperature to increase and hinder the sperm of the testicles. At the same time, the blood circulation is not good. The sperm will also be devastated and endangered.

2. Driving for a long time

When driving for a long time, the perineum is difficult to breathe, and the blood circulation becomes worse, which can easily cause the prostate gland duct obstruction, resulting in obstruction of the prostate fluid excretion. After a long time, chronic congestion will occur, which causes prostatitis. If it is attacked by bacteria at the same time, the condition will be more serious, which will increase the difficulty of treatment.

3. Excessive tobacco and alcohol

Harmic substances in tobacco will reduce the number of sperm of men and also damage women’s fertility, so smoking will make pregnancy a lot more difficult. Like smoking, drinking can also affect the number of sperm and quality. Harmful substances in tobacco have the effects of reducing sex hormone secretion and killing sperm, leading to infertility.

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4. The bath temperature is too high

Under normal circumstances, sperm needs to develop normally in an environment of about 35 ° C. If the temperature is too high, it will hurt sperm activity. For example, the water temperature will be much higher than normal bathing during sauna baths and hot springs, which will affect the growth of sperm and cause “dead sperm” to cause infertility. Studies have found that some men’s testicular temperatures are 2 to 3 degrees higher than ordinary people, so sperm cannot survive. Therefore, young people should wash the sauna with caution, and the water temperature of the bath should usually be around 34 ° C.

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