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Don’t abandon the physical examination project at will because of shyness

1. Blood collection time

The physical examination test requires 7: 30 ~ 8:30 in the morning, and the laboratory project of the general vein is required to take an empty stomach, because the various nutrients after eating have absorbed into the blood, which changed their content in the blood.

2. Do not abandon the inspection items at will

The inspection items set in the medical examination form have both basic projects that reflect the health status, but also include special examination items for malignant diseases and common diseases. Some examinations have special significance for early detection of the disease. For example, anal diagnosis examination is particularly important for the discovery of the rectal mass over 40 years of age. Some inspectors will automatically abandon the inspection because they are afraid of trouble or shyness. If the subject really has a lesion, it will naturally lose the best time to treat the treatment. The consequences are self -evident.

3. Don’t forget to state the history of disease

The medical history, especially the important history of the disease, is an important reference basis for the medical examination doctor to determine the health status of the subject. The formulation of intervention measures based on this has an extremely important impact on the improvement of the disease. The statement of medical history must strive to be objective and accurate, and important diseases cannot be omitted.

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4. Don’t despise the conclusion of the medical examination

The conclusion of the medical examination is the sum of the health status of the inspector. The doctor is based on the results of the physical examination of various subjects and the health prescriptions of the inspector. Essence Some inspectors pay more attention to the content and results of the physical examination, but ignore the conclusion of the medical examination. They do not read and implement carefully, making the health checkup lose meaning.

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