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Don’t apply these external medicines

There are always some small bumps in summer. Many friends are not attentive. They think that some external medicinal wine can be wiped a little. I want to remind you here that these external medicines in summer should not be applied.

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Don’t apply these external medicines


Generally speaking, the potions in citizens’ homes include physiological saline, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc., and have a weak disinfection effect. It is suitable for small wounds that are slightly cleaned and needed.

Alcohol cannot be applied to the mucosa area

The concentration of medical alcohol is 75%, and alcohol with too high concentration or too low is not suitable for skin disinfection. The irritation of alcohol cannot be used for large areas of wounds, nor can they be used for mucosa. For deeper wounds, alcohol is not suitable.

Admissions: If the wound pollution is not serious, you can rinse with physiological saline first, and then scrub the skin around the skin with alcohol; if the wound pollution is severe, you can rinse it with hydrogen peroxide, then rinse with physiological saline, and then disinfect with alcohol.

Hydrogen peroxide can wipe the skin trauma surface

The main component of hydrogen peroxide is a hydrogen peroxide solution. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide for skin disinfection is low. It can be used to wipe the skin trauma surface and play a role in cleaning wounds and sterilization. When a skin wound appears, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound and then use other skin disinfection agents.


More than a hundred states, helping him forest cream, etc. are the ointment for many families. Because the ointment contains more fat and strong closed effects, acute dermatitis caused by trauma is not necessarily applicable, especially when the wound has blisters, erosion, and excessive leakage, accidentally use skin hair follicles and increase the osmotic liquid increase ,Worse.


Safflower oil, alien oil, etc. are not easy to volatilize, the medicinal properties have been retained for a long time, and the skin is less irritating, but it needs to be reminded that when just sprains, you should not apply safflower oil and alien oil to massage The degree of swelling of the affected area is exacerbated.

Admissions: first apply and fix it. After the swelling is eliminated, use safflower oil or thousands of flowers oil to promote blood circulation.

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