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Don’t associate with these “wonderful men” when you meet these “wonderful men”!

Want to get rid of the order but can’t find the object? Date! A blind date is a common means of acquaintance in men and women in modern society. With the increasingly innovative technology, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for people to get along with, and the probability of people from strangers to friends or lover is getting lower and lower. A blind date just resolved this relatively indifferent interpersonal relationship, twisting the two parallel lines that did not interact into a ball, so that men and women have the opportunity to meet and fall in love.

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However, although the blind date can let the two people who do not know each other enter the same time and space, but if the girl encounters a “wonderful man” during the blind date, it will really be single forever. Recently, on Weibo, a wonderful man “restores” the avatar of the blind date as a ugly and eight monster based on the P -picture method of the girl. This “reverse thinking” thinks that it is speechless. So, in the process of blind dates, which strange men are not worthy of interaction?

Don’t associate with these “wonderful men” when you meet these “wonderful men”!

1. Boys who feel good from beginning to end

In the process of blind dates, there will always be some boys who feel good about themselves. They think they are humorous to say some network paragraphs, or pretend to talk about some astronomical geography they don’t understand. Fangxin, but this behavior is just degrading the woman in disguise. Boys who feel good in their own personality are generally arrogant. They do not know how to treat others modesty and get along with such people.

2. Boys with big masculinity tendencies

The most typical manifestation of getting along with giant masculine boys is that individual freedom and space are strangled. How to judge whether boys have great masculine tendencies during the blind date? If the boys do not ask the girls’ opinions while ordering, and put forward all kinds of wonderful requirements for women in the talk (such as a woman should bring a baby at home, women should not be exposed, and women want to become men’s help …),),),), women want to become men’s help …),), That girl is best to plan 360, go as a plan!

3. Boys with small qi

Men’s frugality is worthy of recognition, but if it is too cheap and too stingy, it will make people feel good. For example, some blind dates are strange men, and they use coupons for the first time, and then pay the rest of the woman. This way of operation is too stingy and too much.

4. The boy who shows off wealth

During the blind date, many boys will treat girls as “gold worship girls”, and to boast about what house they buy and what car they buy to girls, thinking that this can make girls look at themselves. Although love needs economic guarantee, if it emphasizes money too much and does not pay attention to the cultivation of connotation, it seems too tacky. In the future life, it is estimated that it is not interesting.

5. Boys who complain about the sky all day

In the process of blind dates, if the boys are constantly complaining and accusing, there is no need to continue talking. These boys complained that the leaders did not complain about their subordinates all day, and complained that their colleagues did not cooperate with their work. They did not refuse whether they were insufficient. When they encountered a little problem in their lives, they retreated. It was not worth a woman to rely on life.

6. “Mom Bao Man” who is the master of parents by parents

Some boys are born in natural and can be seen in the process of blind dates. For example, everything is used to “my mother said” or “I want to ask my mother to disagree with this” and so on. Anyone such a boy must not be used as the object of marriage, because the mother of this boy is often very strong, and the woman after marriage will become completely without personal space. How can children protect the woman? How can we pick up the burden of family?

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