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Don’t change the needle to cause six major flaws

Mr. Liu has suffered from diabetes for many years and began injecting insulin five years ago. His children and grandchildren were filial. He bought him a lot of one -time needle, and told him to change it at a time as the doctor said. But Mr. Liu always felt “unfortunate”. A needle did not change in ten days and a half months. As a result, there were a lot of hard bumps on the needle on the stomach. After half a month. Professor Guo Lixin, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Hospital, told the reporter of Life Times that the latest domestic survey shows that one of the pipes in the sugar friend accounted for 32%, and the needle for changing the needle once a week. There are very few sugar friends at a time. Clinically, there are many people who have not developed a needle -changing habit like Mr. Liu. Infection is only one of the evils. Repeating the needle will cause 6 “flaws” to the body.

pain. Professor Guo Lixin introduced that the equipment of insulin injection has been improving over the years, from ordinary needle tube to injection pens; the length of the needle has also been shortened from 12.7 mm to 8 mm and 5 mm. It is to accurately and conveniently reduce the patient’s pain. If the needle is used repeatedly, the needle tip will “get rid of hair” and even become a “fish hook”, which will inevitably increase the pain of injection.

The dose is inaccurate and affects the treatment effect. Some patients fix a needle on a injection pen for a long time. The needle will remain more or less in the needle or less, which will cause the dose of the injection to be inaccurate. Some patients always complain that the effect of hypoglycemic is poor. Sometimes it may not be a problem of medicine, but the factor of the needle.

allergy. The needle is repeatedly used, and the pointer tip is uneven, which will cause repeated adverse stimuli to the body, which will increase the risk of allergies in the injection site.

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Hard and fat atrophy. The needle of the “hair” repeatedly stimulates the skin and subcutaneous. If the patient does not pay attention to the rotation of the injection site, the skin’s hard constraints and local fat atrophy are inevitable.

Infect. A small amount of human tissue will remain in the repeated needle lumen. These tissues are the breeding ground breeding of bacteria. Therefore, the case of local infection of sugar friends is not uncommon clinically. Sugar friends can’t stand the blow of infection, and the wound healing ability is poor, so a small needle is not small.

Broken needle. This may be the worst consequences of repeated needle. Some sugar -friendly needles are broken in their bodies, and they have to do surgery.

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