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Don’t eat too lightly. 181 countries show that the more salty eats, the longer it lives?The answer is here

“Mom, why is this dish so salty, do you put the salt twice?” Xiao Li Gang sent the dishes to the entrance and spit it out.

“Didn’t you hear? The more you eat the longer the salt, the longer you add two more spoons of salt. Is it salty enough? My son eats more and is good for your body.”

When I heard her mother’s proud words, Xiao Li was speechless and asked carefully before I realized that her mother’s friend Zhao Zhao forwarded a article a few days ago. The diet is too light, and the mother is anxious now, and you need to add additional salt when cooking.

Xiao Li usually was in school, and found this after returning home on the weekend, and quickly dissuaded, but he didn’t know that his mother turned to salt secretly.

A few months later, Xiao Li’s mother became weak, and it was difficult to concentrate on doing things. After sitting up for a long time, she often dizzy, and finally fainted on the way to the market to buy vegetables. She was taken to the hospital.

The inspection found that Xiao Li’s mother caused high blood pressure due to excessive salt intake for a long time.

This time, Xiao Li’s mother was puzzled: Can eating more salt really live long? Is salt harmful or beneficial to the human body?

I. 181 countries around the world show: the more salty eats, the longer it lives?

In the past, many studies have confirmed that excessive salt intake can lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease risk. Under the guidance of the web post, Xiao Li’s mother believes that eating more salt can live long. Is salt really related to longevity?

The medical publication “European Heart Magazine” published a research led by Franz Messerli, which accommodates relevant data such as the life expectancy, sodium intake, and death of 181 countries around the world.

It was found that the average intake of 1 gram of sodium (nearly 2.5 grams of salt) per day per day has increased by 2.6 years since the birth of the health, and it is expected to increase by 0.3 years older than 60 years old. 131 per thousand.

The study found that the appropriate increase in salt intake will indeed have a certain impact on the life expectancy of people, indicating that the salt intake and life span are correlated.

However, this study is only based on observation research, and the mechanism behind the conclusion has not sufficient support for evidence, so it cannot be fully sure of the causal relationship behind the two. Direction and guidance.

Therefore, the salty it is to eat, the longer it lives, and there is no scientific basis.

Second, Chinese who love to eat salt have been named by “Liu Ye Dao”

The medical authoritative journal “Liuye Knife” published a research jointly completed by the Hamilton Health Science Center and more than 20 national researchers. Participants.

According to the follow-up data, 80%of participants from Chinese participants per day exceeded 12.6 grams, and 84%of participants with salt intake of 7.5-12.5 grams per day.

Studies have confirmed that excessive salt intake will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and hypertension. Researchers focus on reminding the Chinese to pay attention to salt limit.

The China Disease Prevention and Control Center had conducted a survey, and found that the average daily salt intake of adults over 18 years of age reached 10.5 grams, and even 18 grams in some areas such as Northeast China did exceed the average level of domestic and foreign residents.

Another survey of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center found that when Chinese people dining abroad, a meal intake sodium exceeded the standard intake recommended by medical guidelines.

Maintaining a high -salt diet for a long time may cause obesity, hypertension, liver and kidney disease and other diseases. In addition, it will damage the brain due to excessive sodium ions, damage the stomach, cause calcium loss and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

These data remind people that they must control salt intake and scientifically salt control.

Third, 5 symptoms appear, remind you to eat too much salt

Excessive salt intake can cause excessive sodium ion levels in the human body, which will cause some harm. When damage is generated, the body will also issue some alerts. Pay attention to 5 symptoms.

Easy to get dry: excessive salt, electrolyte disorders in the human body, can also produce dry and thirsty feelings.

Slow reaction: Excessive sodium ion levels can change the osmotic pressure, leading to the loss of cell moisture. A study in the American “Nutrition Magazine” confirmed that when the human body was short of water, women’s memory, attention, reasoning, and response ability would be reduced. In addition, the lack of water causes slow thinking and may cause negative emotions.

Headache: The previous study of “British Medical Magazine” found that 3500 mg of sodium intake per day is more likely to have headache. This may be excessive sodium stimulating to the wall of the blood vessels, leading to changes in blood pressure, and may even cause cerebral edema, squeezing the nerves and cause headaches.

Edema occurs: Extraction of sodium ions will also change the osmotic pressure of the tissue, leading to a large amount of water accumulating the accumulation of the gap between the tissue, which causes edema, which is common in the eyelids and limbs. In addition, renal -derived diseases and heart -derived diseases may also cause edema, and we must pay attention to it.

I always want to urinate: Excessive salt intake will cause the level of sodium ions in the human body to rise and break the balance of sodium and potassium. In order to recover the balance, the kidneys will continue to work to eliminate excess sodium ions, thereby generating a large amount of urine.

Fourth, how to correctly control salt intake, how much salt eats?

In life, many people may like foods with heavy salt and oil. When cooking dishes, they like to put more salt, but the dangers of high salt diet should not be underestimated. So, how much salt can you eat to enjoy food while enjoying food? “China Dietary Guidelines” recommended adults to eat salt per day, it is best to be less than 6 grams.

How much is 6 grams? After weighing experiments, the beer cover was filled with a lid flat, about 5-6 grams of salt. You can also buy a spoon of 2 grams of salt control spoons on the market.

In addition to the amount of salt control, we must also learn to pay attention to the cooking method and seasoning method of food. These 4 salt control methods are given to you.

1. Use low sodium flavoring products

During the cooking process, try to use low sodium content, such as low sodium salt, reduce sodium intake from the source. Seasoning products that need to be focused on: Douban sauce, chicken essence, tempeh, yellow sauce, etc.

2. Eat less processing meat products

Machining meat made by special methods such as pickling and smoking will use a large amount of salt, resulting in the excessive salt content of processing meat. You must eat less or not, such as: ham, pickled meat, bacon, etc.

3. Restricted salt -containing food ingredients

When buying food, you can check the ingredients table to strictly control foods with high salt content, and prioritize products with low salt or low salt content. Some commonly used salt -containing products should also be paid to view salt content. Pay attention to 1 gram of sodium equivalent to 2.54 grams of salt, such as: sea rice, shrimp skin, seafood juice, etc.

4. Put the salt at the end of the cooking

You can put salt before cooking, so that even a small amount of salt can increase the taste, it is easier to grasp the amount.

Salt is an indispensable condiment for daily diet, but the potential harm caused by excessive intake of salt cannot be ignored.

Therefore, you must keep in mind the recommended amount of salt intake, and pay attention to the total amount of salt intake in three meals a day. Choose low sodium salt, eat less processing meat, avoid invisible salt, and reduce excessive sodium damage to the human body within the controllable range.

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