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Don’t let the tragedy of egg selling!Solving infertility, there are actually two “out of the way”

There are always things in this world. It is not that you can succeed if you work hard, such as the matter of having children. Some people can be able to conceive smoothly, but some people can’t be pregnant!

With the impact of many factors such as environment and society, infertility people are increasing year by year, so many infertility people are actively seeking fertility, and the auxiliary reproductive technology has been very large in recent years. Many people want to realize the desire of fertility by assisting reproductive technology, but do you really understand the auxiliary reproductive technology? What are the common auxiliary reproductive technology? Which groups of these auxiliary reproductive technology are suitable for?

Auxiliary reproductive demand is increasing

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) assessment, about one of each of the 7 couples has reproductive disorders. my country’s recent investigation, domestic infertility accounts for 10%of the number of married couples, more than 4.8%of the investigation in 1984, and the incidence rate is on the rise, so there is an auxiliary reproductive technology. In fact, the auxiliary reproductive technology is to help infertile couples to achieve fertility through medical assistance.

2 common auxiliary reproductive methods:

However, there are many ways to auxiliary reproduction, and now there are two more common ones.

1. Auxiliary reproductive technology of artificial insemination

The artificial fertilization refers to the use of medical assistance to the female reproductive tract in a non -X -friendly method, so that the sperm and eggs are naturally combined to achieve the purpose of conception.

This kind of auxiliary reproduction is suitable for people with ejaculation dysfunction. People with less mild, weak, deformed sperm, or female cervical stenosis cause sperm to not enter the uterus and infertility normally.

2. Auxiliary reproductive technology of IVF

The auxiliary reproductive method of this type of IVF is also in vitro fertilization. This method is to remove the eggs, and then the sperm that can be treated by preferred induction can be performed in vitro. Perform subsequent pregnancy. This method of auxiliary reproduction is suitable for women’s ovulation disorders, or infertility of male weak sperm disease.

Now there are two ways to assist reproductive methods. Because there are more and more people in infertility, it has also spawned a series of bad transactions.

Remember to take eggs, sell eggs, you can’t trust!

Some female college students are seduced in various aspects, so as to make “egg retrieval” in exchange for money.

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The criminals are also looking at the neglect of reproductive health and the so -called “egg selling” without sufficient understanding of the so -called “egg selling”. Fun Yong’s “selling eggs” is only taken out of excess eggs, and will not affect the ovarian, which will cause many tragedies. There are even some people suffering from infertility due to irregular and unhygienic egg retrieval methods. Therefore, female compatriots should be responsible for their bodies, and do not make some choices that will regret.

However, the method of auxiliary reproduction is not unparalleled, and it may bring a series of complications such as the increase of multiple twins. In addition, the abuse of the auxiliary reproductive technology for the benefit of the medical institution, as well as the “selling sales mentioned in Xiaojiu above, Xiaojiu above Eggs, the middle link is wrong, which will cause tens of millions of families to lose the hope of breeding new life.

Therefore, couples who want to give birth to the auxiliary reproductive technology also need to go to a regular and reliable hospital. Do not let this auxiliary reproductive technology become a technology -born technology.

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