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Don’t radiotherapy, the radiotherapy is gone?Do 4 things well and improve the survival rate

Just one month, the tumor almost disappeared!



On November 9th, the first set of boron neutron capture the treatment of the Safety Study of the first batch of clinical tumor patients was announced. Three patients had only performed once. After one month, the tumor was visible to the naked eye. In the future, it will continue to continueThe tracking effect also means that China will become the second country in the world with accelerator BNCT technology and ability to use.

1. Anti -cancer black technology BNCT, do not open for 30 minutes to kill cancer cells

BNCT is the abbreviation of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, and is one of the world’s most advanced cancer treatment methods.This technology is injected into the patient by injection of boron -containing special compounds, gathered cancer cells in a short period of time to reduce the “wishes” of cancer cells.The inner boron reacts a strong nuclear reaction, allowing cancer cells gathered around the boron to disappear instantly.

More importantly, the range of this rays is very short. Only about the length of a cancer cell can be destroyed on the basis of protecting the surrounding tissue to the greatest extent.According to reports, this new therapy only needs 30-60 minutes, 1-2 times to kill cancer cells.

Zhou Yongmao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview that BNCT has congenital advantages to accurately treat cancer:

1. Controlled dosage

The dose of boron drugs injected into the human body and neutron injection emitted by the beam device can be regulated according to the patient’s condition.

2. High accuracy

A special drug with boron -containing cancer cells is an essential nutrient for cancer cell proliferation. It is not attractive to normal cells. The scope of the role of cancer cells, precise targets, and nuclear reactions are limited to cells.It will hurt innocence.

3. Extreme efficacy

The particles generated by the BNCT nuclear reaction can be highly agreed with the relative biological effects of human tissues, which is higher than the level of traditional ray treatment.Realize the precise and fierce treatment effect in the short term.

What kind of cancer can BNCT cure?How much is it?

Shortly after the development of BNCT technology in my country, BNCT clinical research that has been carried out mainly includes: meningioma, malignant melanoma, glue female celloma, recurrence gum tumor, recurrence of head and neck tumor, liver metastatic cancer and other diseases.

Last year, at the Japanese Society of Cancer Treatment, related data was published on the application of BNCT technology clinical trials. Through the treatment of boron neutron patients with boron patients with 37 patients with the last stage of the head and neck, about 50%of patients’ cancer cells disappeared.

BNCT has unparalleled advantages. According to industry professionals, as domestic anti -cancer boron drugs are listed, the cost of BNCT therapy can be reduced to about 100,000 yuan.

3. Expand reading: New anti -cancer “nuclear weapons”, let cancer cells lose their helmets and abandon A

In the final analysis, BNCT is actually a new type of radiotherapy. It has stronger lethality and small side effects on cancer cells.In addition to BNCT, my country also has a number of new radiotherapy technologies is developing rapidly.

1. 准 90 precision liver tumor intervention treatment

是 90 resin microspheres are a type of radiotherapy in the body. It uses precise microstructure intervention technology to target the 钇 90 resin microsphere into the injecting liver tumor, release β -ray that is sufficient to completely completely cause tumor necrosis, and kill tumor cells at close range.

球 [90Y] Micro ball treatment was approved last year. Some patients who could not be surgery can be performed by liver cancer, and they can obtain the opportunity for surgical cure through the treatment of 钇 90.The 5-year survival rate of advanced liver cancer patients who were originally treated with conventional treatment was only about 12%, and the 钇 90 could be increased to 60%-70%.

2. Proton therapy

Proton therapy is one of the world’s advanced tumor radiation therapy methods. By using the physical characteristics of proton excellent physical properties, the proton “nourish the essence” before reaching the cancer.Fully combat cancer cells, and then the energy fell quickly to zero, fully protecting the surrounding tissue, with small side effects.

According to the clinical data of the first registered unit of the first proton treatment device in China, the 47 patients in the group reached a state of fully relieving.

4. What should I pay attention to?

Treatment technology is only a means. Scientific and effective care can improve the efficacy of patients.

1. Follow the doctor’s order to avoid interference treatment

Entering the treatment room should be strictly prohibited to bring metal products in strict accordance with the interior requirements.Before the radios, you should place your position according to the requirements of the treatment room and do not move at will.

2. Supplement water

During the treatment, there are a large number of tumor metabolic products in the patient. Drinking plenty of water can help the body metabolize.

3. Balanced diet, supplementing nutrition

During the treatment period, sufficient nutrition and calories should be added, and fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten, so as to make a variety of varieties, coarse and fine grains.

4. Appropriate exercise to enhance immunity

Treatment is not rotten. When conditions permit, the body must be moved. Exercise can improve the activity of the immune system, enhance immunity, and help inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

With the extension of the per capita life expectancy, the onset of cancer is becoming more and more widespread globally. I hope that with the help of new treatment technology, it can bring new hope to more families.

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