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Don’t recommend these cough medicines to children anymore

In the early spring, many babies were prone to colds and coughs. Many parents were worried that when their children cough, they immediately came to the pharmacy to buy various cough medicines for their children. As everyone knows, sometimes you take the wrong medicine than you don’t need to take the medicine. Children are special groups and should pay attention to medication.

1. Not recommended cough medicine

Do not use cough medicines for children. Clinically, pediatricians rarely use town cough. First of all, the child’s cough, it is a self -protection reflection. It is to clear the secretions in the airway, or foreign foreign objects, so coughing is a self -protection mechanism. In addition, cough medicines can be divided into two categories: central town cough drugs and peripheral cough medicines, while central cough medicines are to relieve cough cough by inhibiting cough center. These cough medicines directly inhibit the cough center of the brain. Although the cough effect is good, the sputum cannot be discharged, the sputum is blocked, and it is easy to be infected. If it is abused ano -ous cough medicine, it is not only addictive, but also may also occur, including osteoporosis, emotional fluctuations, and even adverse reactions of respiratory inhibitory death.

Therefore, clinically, pediatricians rarely use cough. We generally use phlegm drugs. Dilute sputum diluted sputum is conducive to children coughing and reducing the secretion of sputum.

Second, not recommended antibacterial drugs

The treatment principles of antibacterial drugs states that for newborns, children, pregnant women, and patients with lactating patients, choosing medicines must be cautious and must choose safety drugs. Unless there is evidence and indicators that antibacterial drugs need to be used to prescribe antibacterial drugs. The abuse of antibiotics may increase the resistance of the germs and extend the course of the disease. It should be used under the guidance of a professional doctor when needed.

So what should I do if my baby is sick and cough?

Baby cough parents should pay attention to diet first, avoid cold, sour and salty foods. These foods can stimulate children’s throat, induce cough or cough to worsen. Fresh vegetables should be light. The cooking method is mainly cooking, and fried food does not eat. Drinking more warm boiled water in an appropriate amount can lubricate and dilute the airway secretions, make sputum thin and easy to discharge the body.

Children’s cough should be treated accordingly after the cause is clear.

You can choose an expectorant and cough medicine dedicated to children: Kangyuan® Jin Zhen Oral Liquid.

Cough premissions first: Classic famous prescriptions, exquisite tailoring, with multiple mechanisms of reflection, phlegm, phlegm, phlegm, and sputum -by -expenses, especially suitable for infants and young children to have phlegm cough and discharge down from the digestive tract.

It does not contain ephedra and does not contain preservatives: does not contain the use of ephedra, can be treated, and can be used for poppy shells.

The taste is sweet. Babies love to drink: While preserving the effectiveness of the drug, improve the compliance, and add the sweet chrysanthemums derived from the plant. Natural health, low calories, baby love to drink.

Children can be used for more than 6 months: clear dosage, clear treatment, wide age, 6 months to 14 years old. There are clear usage in the manual.

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