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Don’t resist!These three inspection methods can help you with early colorectal cancer!

E. colorectal cancer is one of the high incidence of cancer in my country, and it has increased year by year.



Despite the high incidence, colorectal cancer still has a high hope of healing. However, in our country, the early diagnosis rate of colorectal cancer is not high. On the one hand, the early symptoms of colorectal cancer are not obvious, and patients are often difficult to detect abnormalities. On the other hand, because the national health awareness is still not high enough, many people There is no habit of conducting regular physical examinations, especially for the test methods of colorectal cancer.

Early diagnosis, early treatment is the basis for us to fight cancer. Those rejected medical examination items are often the “vitality” missed by patients with colorectal cancer.

Rectal anal finger test: detect 70%rectal cancer

The rectal anal fingering is one of the most rejected physical examination items. In fact, this embarrassing and seemingly small examination can make preliminary judgments on perianal disease and colorectal cancer.

The rectum of adults is about 15cm long, and the rectal anal fingers can be counted on the 7-8cm rectal intestinal wall of the anal at the anus. Check whether there are nodules bulging, whether there are pus and somatoscopic or bleeding.

Clinical data shows that low -level rectal cancer accounts for nearly 80%of colorectal cancer cases, and this can be judged by a chestnut.

Therefore, next time the medical examination, please do not refuse to check.

Terring hidden blood test: screening indicators of digestive tract malignant tumors

The stool hidden blood test can not only monitor colorectal cancer, it is also a screening indicator for early diagnosis of other malignant tumors in the digestive tract.

Gastrointestinal bleeding is a typical symptom of gastrointestinal tumors. However, in the early days, when only a small amount of bleeding was had a small amount of bleeding, it could not intuitively judge through the stool’s naked eye. At this time, the hidden blood test of the feces is needed to check whether there are hidden gastrointestinal bleeding.

Generally speaking, after the age of 40, there is a high risk of incidence of colorectal cancer, which can be performed once a year.

Colonoscopy: the most effective means of colorectal cancer

Intestinality can be observed intuitively and clearly, and the puzzle can be performed directly to determine whether colorectal cancer has occurred.

Unfortunately, colonoscopy often causes patients’ discomfort or fear due to its invasive examination method. Most of them are difficult to receive colonoscopy, so they missed the best time to diagnose early diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to controlling your daily diet, regular inspections are also essential. Especially for people with gastrointestinal bleeding and often abdominal pain and blood in the stool, there is a high risk of colorectal cancer. In the screening of bowel cancer, it must not be neglected.

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