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Don’t want amputation, diabetic foot treatment should be early!

Diabetes is one of the common complications of diabetes. In severe cases, it may cause amputation. Therefore, when you find the early symptoms of diabetic foot, it is necessary to treat the condition in a timely manner to effectively control the disease. So what is the early symptoms of diabetic foot?

Early symptoms of diabetic feet

We all know that as long as the body is suffering from a certain disease, there will be a lot of discomfort symptoms, and diabetic feet will be no exception.

Diabetic feet can cause changes in the shape of the patient’s foot. Patients often have a metatarsal skeleton. The metatarsal toe joints will deform, bending, and forming bow -shaped foot, chicken feet toes, etc. Bone is destroyed, and it may cause pathological fractures.

Of course, there will be ischemia. Patients usually have muscle atrophy. The skin not only drys but also lacks elasticity. The skin temperature decreases to make the pigment more calm. Sifferential noise, etc.

In addition, there will be a nerve lesions on the feet, the skin of the limbs is dry and sweaty, and the limbs will have tingling, numbness, burning, and dull feeling.

Avoid amputation, treatment should be early!

No matter what the situation is, it needs timely treatment for the disease. The same is true in diabetic foot.

Regardless of the slightly numb feet, or the obvious ulcer cracking, it is necessary to treat timely treatment. It is best to start paying attention to the care of the foot when diagnosis diagnosis.

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Because diabetes is in itself, it involves multiple diseases. In terms of treatment, there are more methods. For example, the metabolic control of systemic treatment is mainly to control the condition of our blood sugar, poor blood glucose control, and also affect the healing of foot ulcers. In addition, there is the control of infection, as well as the vascular expansion and blood circulation, which mainly improves the blood supply to the tissue. Neuropathic therapy is often the application of vitamin B, combined with neurotic drugs, and improves neurological function.

We all know that long -term high blood sugar will slowly affect all aspects of our body. At first, there are often only slight changes. Once you find it, don’t ignore it. When you find that you have the symptoms of early diabetic foot, you must take effective treatment measures in time to effectively control the condition.

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