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Don’t want to be a “second shot” male learning 5 preventive premature ejaculation methods

How to prevent premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is the “suffering” of many men. Excessive ejaculation is not only easy to reduce the satisfaction of sexual life, affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also cause infertility. So how can men prevent conditioning premature ejaculation?

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Premature premature prevention and conditioning method

1. The quiet sex living environment helps prevent premature ejaculation

If possible, arrange sexual life as much as possible in a quiet environment. Too noisy environment will affect concentration and cause premature ejaculation. The quiet environment can relax your mind, stabilize emotions to effectively control premature ejaculation.

2. Increasing self -confidence can help prevent premature ejaculation

Patients with premature ejaculation should hold confidence in their sexual function, especially men who occasionally premature ejaculation occur. Don’t worry too much about self -blame and self -blame. You should continue to find effective methods to solve it. Do not abandon himself.

3. Self -hint help prevent premature ejaculation

In the process of sexual life, I hinted on myself that they would not ejaculate prematurely. When sexual excitement, you can stop it when you want to ejaculate, and control the ejaculation and constantly imply that you will have unexpected effects.

4. Relax yourself can help prevent premature ejaculation

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Sexual life is one of the ways to satisfy emotional communication. If excessive investment and nervousness are prone to premature ejaculation. Therefore, do not focus only on sex in the process of sex, let alone whether to consider premature ejaculation. You should naturally do not force your feelings.

5. Avoid excessive excitement during sexual life

Do not excessive excitement during sexual life, you should keep calm and adjust the frequency of twitching. Be sure to control emotions in the process of sex.

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