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Don’t want to be amputated!Doing these 12 things every day can effectively prevent diabetes

The harm of diabetes comes from long -term hyperglycemia that causes damage to human tissue and function, causing complications. Diabetic feet are one of the most common of them. Some data show that about 25%of diabetic patients will eventually appear diabetic foot. Once improper control can cause infection or ulcers, it can eventually lead to necrosis and amputation in the foot. In the United States, there are more than 70,000 cases that cause amputation each year.

Experts said that due to the high incidence of diabetes in patients with diabetes, diabetic patients must prevent early prevention. Doing these 15 things every day can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot.

1. Wash your feet with warm water and flexible soap daily. Do not use irritating soap to keep your foot clean.

2. The temperature of the feet should not be too long. Generally, the water temperature is 38.c ~ 40.c. It is advisable to avoid skin damage within 10 minutes.

3. After washing your feet, you should gently dry your feet with a soft towel, including the toe seam. Keep your skin dry and dry. Do not rub it hard and cause skin scratching.

4. The feet of diabetic patients are most afraid of cracking in winter, so you can protect skin oil or moisturizing cream for protection. A little vinegar can be added to the foot washing water when washing your feet, which can reduce the growth of fungal.

5. Do not stick the tape with a crack, and deal with the fungal infection of the foot in time. Remember not to scratch with force. Some sweaty people will keep their feet dry with cool body powder. It is not recommended to block pores and causes infection.

6. It is best to insist on whether there are collapse, cracks, etc. every day, etc. to see if the toenails are too long, too thick, whether there are embedded nails, splitting, and whether there are methyl. When it appears, it means that there is a bleeding phenomenon under the A, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

7. Do not hurt the surrounding skin when cutting your nails. In addition, chicken eyes and crickets cannot be cut by themselves, nor can they be corroded with chemical preparations.

8. There are also requirements for the choice of shoes and socks. It is best to wear cotton yarn or wool socks, loose and breathable, keep the habit of changing socks every day

9. It is best not to wear shoes with exposed toe heels to avoid scratches. In addition, it is best to have two pairs of shoes replacement so that the shoes are kept dry. Before wearing shoes, check whether there are sand grains, nails, coins and other debris in the shoe to avoid ulceration of the soles of the feet.

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10. When sitting, raise your feet and do not cross your legs for a long time to avoid compressing blood vessels and nerves.

11. Avoid tobacco and alcohol is very good for preventing blood vessels and neuropathy.

12. Adhere to the right amount of exercise. However, we should wear appropriate sports shoes during exercise to avoid foot injury and prevent frostbite and extrusion.

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