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Don’t want to leave scars after the child is traumatic?Don’t panic, you can do it!

Medical Guidance: Xia Xueying, deputy chief physician of the Medical Beauty Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Children are lively and active, and safety awareness is not enough. It is inevitable that bumps and bumps are inevitable. Sometimes when the injuries and bumps are more severe, parents are also worried: “The wound is so big, do you want to sew need? “This scar is not good -looking, is there no scar when applying scar removal medicine?” …

After the skin is damaged, it is generally scarred as long as the skin is below the epidermis. Scars are incomplete repair performed by the skin in the process of healing, but instead of replacing the connective tissue. The size of the scar is related to many factors such as the injured site, the depth of the wound, whether the infection, and the genetic. Children’s growth and metabolism and strong healing ability, but once the wound is not handled, it is prone to skin hyperplasia and scars. Moreover, as the child grows up slowly, the scar tissue will not grow with the development of their physique. Local skin shortages can gradually increase scar width, depression and other scars such as widening and depression during children’s growth and development, which affects the appearance of the child, and even affects the psychological development of the child. Normal function. Therefore, when the child is traumatized or surgery, parents should pay special attention to the nursing of the wound, so as not to leave obvious scars.

Do not want to leave scars. Parents can do these emergency treatment first after accidental injury!

Children are delicate skin, thin skin, and few collagen fibers in the dermis layer, which are easily damaged due to friction. When an accident occurs, parents can use iodine to help their children clean the wounds, and then rinse the wound with physiological saline. If the wound is deeper, use hydrogen peroxide. After the wound is printed, the external humid burns is 2-3 weeks. Of course, if the debride is not thorough, it is easy to cause infection due to foreign matter residue. Therefore, for some abrasives, parents are advised to clean up by themselves. It is best to use sterile gauze to cover the wound and seek medical treatment in time. After the injury, timely and regular debridement and sutures are very critical to healing the wound!

Don’t want to leave scars, the sooner the intervention is better!

For the treatment of scars, the earlier the intervention, the better the effect. The early intervention here is generally recommended to start 1-2 weeks after wound healing. In the process of healing the skin, the capillaries will be expanded in the early days, and the wound is a bit red, indicating that the tissue around the wound is currently in the hyperplasia, and it has not yet entered the reshaping period. At this time Thickness of blood vessels). Once the wound is hardened, it means that the re -shaping period is entered, and the treatment of laser laser is needed. It is recommended that in the early stage of co-use silicone gels or posting stickers. If the hyperplasia is obvious, it can be combined with compression therapy and injection treatment. Let the wound transition directly from the inflammatory period to the tissue re -shaping period.

If there are some scarring, it will appear a block that is higher than normal skin, damage to the continuous growth of normal skin, from the size of mung bean sample to the palm sample size. This scarring generally does not cause dysfunction. Trying comprehensive treatment such as injection treatment and photoelectric no need to surgical treatment.

Don’t want to leave scars, these mistakes are “stepped”!

Misunderstanding 1. You need to eat a light diet after you have a wound, then white porridge every day!

[Rumor crushed] The light diet is not to let everyone drink white porridge every day, but to let everyone pay attention to less sugar, less oil, and low -fat diet in diet. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, less spicy.

Misunderstanding 2. Can’t eat soy sauce after having a wound?

[Rumor crushed] Most of the soy sauce that can be consumed has been digested and metabolized by the intestine. After being injured, soy sauce will not aggravate the scar!

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Misunderstanding 3. Don’t remove blood scabs, wait for it to fall off by itself?

[Correct operation] The bleeding and tissue of the wound and the tissue of the necrotic tissue are coagulated after drying. The traditional concept is considered not to be removed, and it must be separated by itself. In fact, when there is scabs covered, when the scar cavity accumulation of the scar cavity under the scab is easily leading to wound infection, affecting the healing of the wound, and even the adverse reactions such as scar depression. Therefore, blood scabs are recommended to remove as soon as possible!

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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