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Drink a few water in the morning to help you easily lose your small belly

What type of “little belly wife” are you?

The abdominal fat is different. First of all, let’s figure out which type we are, and then choose the weight loss solution for targeted. In addition to the targeted exercise, some small tips on diet can help you achieve your goals as soon as possible.

1. Big stomach “little belly wife”


The “little belly woman” belonging to the big stomach is not a big abdomen but a large appetite. This is very direct with bad habits such as too fast and not concentrating during meals. You should change your diet, such as you must chew ten times for each bite.

2. bucket type “little belly wife”

As soon as women are thirty years old, their muscles begin to relax. Not only are they getting fat, they also go to the middle part, and the situation of the forty years old is even more obvious. Sometimes I hear that some women mocked themselves and said that they had a “swimming ring” on their waist. This is the “bucket type”.

3. Big belly “small belly wife”

Another type is the “big belly”, which is a relatively large type of abdomen below the navel. The big belly is prone to appear on women who have giving birth, mostly because of water.

Decreasing abdominal fat, only one cup of water in the morning

In addition to the targeted exercise, some small tips on diet can help you achieve your goals as soon as possible.

1. The first glass of water in the morning: Fresh salt water cleaning intestines detoxification

The first thing to get up in the morning is to drink a cup of saline, and the bowel washing and detoxifying. Some people are not very suitable for brewing milk, so most people go to the toilet after drinking milk powder. After soaking milk powder, do not eat bread and other foods. First, eat it to eat, take two or three minutes to drink milk, which is more conducive to laxative.

2. The first bowl of soup in the morning: Tremella wolfberry soup

Li Jing provided a good way to practice constipation in her practice, that is, when she got up on an empty stomach to drink a bowl of soup, such as Tremella, wolfberry, and lily, got up early on an empty stomach and drank. Experts believe that this method can not only awaken the sleeping gastrointestinal, but also promote their active peristalsis, accelerate metabolism, and thereby promoting waste discharge in the body.

In addition, what other water can help lose weight?


Can be renalized and laxative. After getting up in the morning, it is the most sensitive moment of the stomach. After the stomach is delivered to the food, it will cause the shrinking movement of the large intestine. Lemon -rich vitamin C is a catalyst that urges defecation. Drinking homemade lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning can not only solve the suffering of constipation, but also eliminate the kidneys, but also a whitening effect.

honey water

Studies have proved that the main ingredients of glucose and fructose in honey are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Eating honey often can achieve the effect of excretion of toxins and beauty. Drink a glass of honey water 40 minutes after breakfast every day and 40 minutes before going to bed, so that you can help you lose weight easily and quickly.

Probiotic yogurt

The delicious probiotic yogurt is the most popular thin drink. Drinking probiotic yogurt daily has functions such as regulating intestinal flora, accelerating gastrointestinal motility, removing intestinal toxins, and activating the intestines. The best drink option of the person.

Soy milk

Soymilk is not only nutritious and low, but also has great help to stimulate fat burning. The protein, isoflavones, and sugar in soy milk will continue to stimulate the burning of fat cells in your body. Drinking soy milk can at least increase the fat burning of your body. In addition, soy milk is also a healthy drink that can help toxins in the body.

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