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Drinking beer fitness and prevention can avoid getting fat

Scientific research has long found that drinking beer in moderation can strengthen human functions. From spiritual to bones, it is like a difficult fitness training course.Today, a study from the University of Barcelona, Spain has found that beer has more benefits to strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

Drinking beer is beneficial

Researchers at the University of Barcelona were tested for 1,249 interviewed objects at the local university hospital and the Carlos Disease Research Health Center in Madrid, analyzed their recipes, and understood the benefits of alcohol and fitness exercise to health.

The results of the study found that drinking one product (568.26125 ml) beer every day can reduce type 2 diabetes.Scientists have concluded through experimental testing that vitamins, folic acid, iron, and protein in beer are equivalent to medium -intensity red wine.Ramon Estrch, who is responsible for this study, pointed out that those who drink appropriate beer every day “not only will not get heavier, but some cases even successfully lose weight.”

Among the 1,249 people who received research, those who drink beer more often have lower body fat content and less diabetes.As long as you drink a glass of beer every day, you can avoid gaining weight and reducing blood pressure.

Estrucci said: “Moderate beer will bring nutrition and health benefits. Although it does not necessarily mean that you can lose weight because of this, it does not contain any fat, and the calorie content is very low.”

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