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Drost Evaluation: Are you a “abortion man”?

Fertility is a happy enjoyment of life, and it is also a complete journey of life. The husband and wife were full of expectations to bred their own happiness, but unexpectedly suffered abortion repeatedly and pain. As a wife, she will be evaluated by all aspects of the society. She is too weak to evaluate her. She can’t even keep her children, and even guess her past history. The secular evaluation will only point all the spearheads to women. However, abortion is not necessarily a woman’s problem, because there is a man called “abortion man”.

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The combination of sperm and eggs can achieve conception, and the level of sperm quality is also an important factor that determines whether sperm eggs can achieve excellent combination. Some men have problems with abnormal chromosomal nucleus and abnormal sperm, so it is easy to cause spouse to stop developing embryos after conception. This kind of male, we call it a “miscarriage man”. So what causes the “abortion man”?

1. Queen, sperm abnormalities

Sperm provides 50%genes for embryos. In addition to the function of pregnancy, the role of sperm genes runs through the entire process of embryonic development. The pregnancy function is the early effect of sperm, and in embryonic development, that is, the role played by women during pregnancy, it belongs to the advanced effect of sperm. And if the sperm’s genetic material DNA is damaged, it may not affect the sperm conception function. Sperm can meet and combine with eggs. Women will also get pregnant normally. And abortion.

In addition, some scholars abroad investigated detailed sperm quality and found that weak sperm quality and early abortion of the habitual were found. It has been reported that the incidence of repeated abortion caused by young and polysine is 37.6%and 20.0%, respectively. The increase in deformity sperm can also cause repeated abortion.

Therefore, before family planning, male friends should do a good job of infertility examination in all aspects, discover the condition in time, and cure early to ensure the combination of excellent ejaculation in order to successfully bred a healthy baby.

2. Age factor

Adult men have gradually declined with their age. Among the aging men, testicular tissue can shrink, decreased sperm daily generation, changes in the morphology of testicular reproductive tissues, and increased cell mutations or increased percentage, resulting in reduced sperm quality (especially mobility), decreased conception rate, increased abortion rate increase The increase in the explicitly genetic diseases of the son -dye color area and the increase of fetal mortality. Out of age is related to sperm quality, especially sperm vitality decreased and deformity.

What should I do if sperm quality is abnormal?

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1. Usually develop good living habits. Soon, sit and urinate, do not smoke and drink, drink plenty of water, less sauna, etc. Experts said that the appropriate testicular temperature can ensure the survival and quality of sperm. The appropriate temperature of the testicular is a few degrees lower than the normal body temperature, so it is necessary to maintain the ventilation and ventilation of the private parts.

2. If sperm quality problems such as young sperm and weak sperm disease are available, you should go to regular majors for treatment in time. Regular professional hospitals usually have male infertility specialty rooms, which are specially treated to use efficient surgical treatment and physical therapy to effectively regulate sperm quality, and at the same time regulate the body’s immune function and improve sperm activity.

(Editor in charge: Ling Yan)

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