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Drug treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is vigilant adverse reactions

When we use drugs to treat diseases, we often bring some adverse reactions of drugs. How can we avoid or reduce these adverse reactions? The following is a brief introduction to some adverse reactions of some commonly used drugs -cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs.

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The heart of strong heart is represented by foreign yellow, and appetite, nausea and headache can also occur when applying conventional treatment. Some patients can see allergic reactions. The most different difference between the treatment of such drugs is very different from the amount of poisoning. Each patient has a large difference in tolerance and elimination rate, so it is more likely to have poisoning. In the past, there is generally nausea, vomiting, anorexia, headache, dizziness, etc. in the ocean toxic. In severe cases, mental disorders and severe arrhythmia can be seen in severe cases.

Anti -arrhythmia

Anti -rhythmia is mostly caused by arrhythmia, and some can induce or aggravate heart failure (such as equal arrhythmia) and cause side effects such as headache, numbness, insomnia, and dizziness. Some drugs such as ethymine iodine ketone can occur without a threshold, and it is prone to appear heart -based shock and Ayes syndrome. In addition, most of these drugs have gastrointestinal reactions.

Anti -Antiopais

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The most common adverse reactions of nitric acid cooling are fighting headache due to the expansion of the dynamic pulse, and the standing position is collapsed and palpitations. B-receptor blockers can cause bronchial spasm, absence of heartbeat, fatigue and weakness, drowsiness, hallucinations and diarrhea, etc., and can reduce blood sugar, such as sudden stopping medicine, which can make the existing angina pectoris worsen or shatter. Calcium antagonist Liu Neng inhibits myocardial contraction. Some patients have obvious heart failure or severe hypotension after application, but they are not common.

Peripheral vascular extension

Such drugs are tinned with gastrointestinal reactions such as upright hypotension, nausea, and vomiting.

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