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Drugs are not the first choice for constipation

Core tip: If the baby only has a long laxative time, the stool is not dry, hard, and the process of defecation is not laborious and painful. Such conditions are not constipation. Baby constipation is usually caused by unreasonable diet, not being trained by scientific defecation, or certain psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to cure the baby’s constipation problem and start with the cause of the baby’s constipation.

Expert profile: Jilian Mei, director of the pharmacy of Beijing Human Mujia Rehabilitation Hospital

Drug dependence is more hurt than disease

One day, a mother who bought medicines in the pharmacy window, she wanted to buy her two -year -old babies to buy 30 Kaisai Lulu. I asked her why she wanted to buy so much. She said that her daughter did not discharge without Kaiseru. She needed to use one Kaisalu every day. It has been used for more than a month and intends to continue to use it. Now that the little girl will take the initiative to ask her mother to use a open -beard before going to bed, otherwise she will be irritable and difficult to fall asleep. I asked her if she had seen the doctor who had seen the doctor and excluded the abnormalities of the intestinal structure development. She said that the doctor diagnosed “functional constipation” and excluded “organic constipation”.

So, I told her that Kaiseru was only used to temporarily alleviate the stools (that is, the old stools of long -term accumulation in the intestine). Only the use of symptoms can be used, and the cause of constipation cannot be eliminated. Occasionally, there is no problem with one or two times, but it is not recommended to use it once a day. It is often easy to make the baby relied on it spiritually and physically. What she needs to do most now is to find the cause of the baby’s constipation and treat it in a targeted treatment according to the cause.

If the baby only has a long interval between the bowel movement, the stool is not dry, hard, and the process of defecation is not effortless and painful. Such conditions are not constipation. Just like the “belly” phenomenon we often say: Babies have a good digestion of breast milk, and there are fewer food residues in the body, so the laxative interval will be relatively long, but the stool is not dry. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require artificial intervention. Clinically, the number of bowel movements is usually reduced, and labor is laborious and painful. At the same time, the symptoms such as dry, hard, thick, and large volume are defined as constipation.

Baby constipation is usually caused by unreasonable diet, not being trained by scientific defecation, or certain psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to cure the baby’s constipation problem and start with the cause of the baby’s constipation.

It is not difficult to defecate when eating right

If a baby who is less than 4 months eat milk powder, it is more likely to have symptoms of constipation. The reason may be that the concentration of milk powder is too strong, or the protein content in the milk powder may be too high. If you want to eliminate the baby’s constipation caused by this reason, parents can adjust the proportion of milk powder or try to change the brand of milk powder.

If the baby is older, you can add supplementary food to him. At this time, if he has the symptoms of constipation, the main considering two reasons are mainly considered:

First, allergies to certain foods. Babies often have symptoms of constipation due to foods such as milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, nuts, mango and other foods. To improve the baby’s constipation caused by this reason, parents can suspend adding supplementary food to the baby, or simplify the baby’s supplementary food. Try not to let the baby eat allergies.

Second, the dietary fiber is not abundant in the supplementary food added to the baby. Dietary fiber can absorb water in the intestine, soften stools, making it easier to discharge. To improve constipation caused by this reason, as long as you add rich dietary fiber to your baby, such as sweet potatoes (such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.), melon (such as pumpkin), vegetables (such as bamboo shoots, spouse, etc.), fungus categories (Such as fungus), algae (such as kelp), and fresh fruits (such as pear, plums, apples, etc.) are foods rich in dietary fiber.

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(Affective food should contain enough dietary fiber)

If the baby is picky because of picky food, constipation symptoms are not eaten with food rich in dietary fiber. At this time, parents must try their best to make the baby develop a healthy and reasonable eating habit. I have a neighbor. Her family has a little boy, about two years old, and does not like to eat fruits and vegetables. She thought many ways to coax him and unsuccessful. After I heard it, she suggested that she make the vegetables finely for a bit of the rice. For example, she can make vegetable buns, vegetable stuffing or vegetable porridge, so that the baby can’t pick it out. In addition, I also reminded her that the staple food that the baby eats should not be too fine, and you can’t always use fine noodles. You can consider using whole wheat.

In China, there is also a phenomenon that artificial constipation causes constipation: constipation caused by excessive calcium supplement. Calcium orally entering the gastrointestinal tract, usually the absorption rate is very low, and most of the calcium will be excreted from the body through the form of feces. Calcium is easy to combine with oxalic acid and fat in the intestinal food residue through the intestine, and it becomes hard -soluble substances, so that the stool becomes dry. Babies who develop normal are sufficient amount of calcium in daily diet. There is no need to add additional supplements. Just supplement vitamin D and promote calcium absorption. To improve constipation caused by calcium supplement, the method is simple: stop calcium supplement!

Make bowel movements a fun thing

Babies under the age of 1 have to change the diapers many times a day. Some elderly people feel waste or trouble, so according to the traditional method, the baby urinates shit. In the absence of urine or convenience, he made him work hard to defecate. This may cause him to suffer from anal fissure, and the pain of the anal fissure can make him afraid of defecation, which in turn causes him to cause constipation symptoms. Therefore, it is one of the ways to cause the baby to urinate the baby to cause the baby to cause constipation. In order to avoid the baby’s constipation symptoms, it is best to wait for the baby to grow scientifically after 18 months old: prepare a child toilet for the baby, or install a child to sit on the adult toilet Stable foot stools so that the baby can support under his feet when defecation, do not let him use the adult toilet directly. Daily defecation training at a fixed time. For example, after breakfast, the baby is required to sit on the toilet and receive at least 5 minutes of defecation training to make it develop the habit of timely defecation every day.

Try to avoid using the words “dirty” or “stinky” during training, so that the baby can realize that bowel movements are normal physiological phenomena, and they will not be discharged because of difficulty choice for love. In the early stage of training, if your baby excludes this kind of training, you can suspend training and try not to force him. During the suspension period, parents can read children’s picture books related to the use of toilet -related children, such as “The Story of the Toilet” and “I don’t need diapers”, etc., to guide the baby to imitate the protagonist in the story book story, and then make him like to use the toilet to use the toilet to the toilet. Essence My daughter Jiajia was actively undergoing the label training after watching the picture book “I don’t need a diapers”.

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