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Dry and red skin?Pay attention to specialty dermatitis

After the autumn, many people will feel that the skin becomes particularly dry, itching, and even scratching erythema, which may have a special dermatitis. So, what is specialty dermatitis? How to judge whether you are characteristic dermatitis? What are the small methods of external treatment? Listen to experts.

There are three characteristics of characteristic dermatitis

Feelive dermatitis, also known as characteristic eczema, is a common chronic, recurrence, inflammatory skin disease in dermatology, which is often accompanied by allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. Feelive dermatitis will not be contagious, but it has a genetic tendency. When someone in the direct relatives suffers from the characteristic dermatitis, it should be vigilant.

Differentiated whether it has characteristic dermatitis to grasp the characteristics of “severe itching”, “dryness” and “eczema -like skin lesions”.

Itching is the most common conscious symptoms of specialty dermatitis. It can be stimulated by over -cold, overheating stimulation, sweating, emotional changes, and contact with wool fabrics. There can be a drama itchy at night and before falling asleep.

The skin is an important barrier to isolation of the human body and the outside world. The skin barrier dysfunction of patients with corresponding dermatitis can cause increased water loss, dry skin, and falling off the scales.

The characteristic dermatitis can be divided into three phases according to age, and the skin lesions (births to 2 years old) skin lesions are common in cheeks, foreheads and scalp, and are divided into exudation, drying and seborrheic type according to the characteristics of skin lesions; (2 ~ 12 years old) is divided into eczema type (similar to adult chronic and subacute eczema) and pruritus (the whole body exuding itching pimples) according to the performance of skin lesions (similar to the adults and subacute eczema); Damage, erythema or pimples, moss -like changes, ash white scales and pigmentation, mainly occur in elbow, nest, neck and side.

How to prevent special dermatitis?

After the autumn, “one autumn rain and one cool”, the temperature and humidity in the environment gradually decreased. Under the condition of low temperature and low humidity, our skin barrier function will also decrease, increasing the contact with the stimulus and allergens in the environment. , Resulting in the aggravation or recurrence of characteristic dermatitis, so how to carry out daily care is very important:

① Avoid scalding. The water temperature is recommended to be 32 ~ 37 ° C, and the time is less than 10 minutes. Use low -sensitivity and irritating cleaning products. Once or every other day, avoid scratching and frictional behavior.

② Use a sufficient amount of moisturizing agent. Use twice or more daily, and you should use the moisturizer immediately (within 2 minutes) after a bath.

③ Dress: Wearing clothes is loose to avoid contact with wool fabrics, bright colors, and fluorescent clothes. Instead of clothes to change the clothes, flexibly and decrease the clothing according to temperature changes to prevent too cold or overheating stimuli.

④ Diet: Diet must be rich in nutrition, avoid blindness, and can eat some foods that are light and rich in vitamins and plant protein, such as brown rice, buckwheat, chestnuts, carrots, green peppers, apples, etc. Diet should be quantitative time to avoid drinking and spicy food. Avoiding clear allergic foods, allergens can be performed when the type of allergies is uncertain.

⑤ Residence: Pay attention to maintaining environmental hygiene and ventilation; avoid using carpets to avoid pets and flowers; keep the environment with suitable environment and humidity, and humidifiers can be used when the environment is dry.

⑥ Travel: Exercise, but avoid severe exercise of sweating; avoid sunburn when going out, you can use SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, or choose physical sunscreen and other physical sunscreen; Pollen gathering place; if you are currently taking antihistamine, you should avoid driving a car or operating machine.

What can patients do for specialty dermatitis?

Carefully do daily nursing, take medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and retract regularly to maintain a happy mood.

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Topotic glucocorticoids and calcium phosphatase inhibitors are first -line therapy for special dermatitis, but many patients are worried about the side effects of drugs and are unwilling to use. In fact, under the guidance of specialized hospitals in regular hospitals, medication is rarely occurred, so we don’t have to worry too much.

Many patients do not know how to use the medicine, and they are confused about the “fingertips unit”. The fingertips unit is used to measure the amount of drug application, that is, the dose of the length of the length of the length of the component from the standard packaging hose (5mm) to the length of an adult from an index finger to the first finger. The area of ​​the two palms of the adult (Tu Dharma).

Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is a good choice. Internal administration can regulate the viscera gas machine, reduce recurrence, and control local symptoms of wet compresses and external application. Multi -tube and fast control can also reduce the use of hormone and other drugs. Seeking traditional Chinese medicine treatment needs to go to a regular hospital, doctors will formulate the most suitable solution based on the patient’s situation.

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