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Dry heat without urticaria

Dry skin is hot but not urticaria, which may be caused by physiological factors and drug effects.

1. Physiological factors

As the elderly increase or cause the skin to aging, the atrophy of sebaceous glands and sweat glands can cause dry skin and heat. Pay attention to replenishing more moisture. You can use moisturizing skin care products to apply to increase skin moisturizing.The autumn and winter seasons are more dry and hot, so it is easy to cause skin dryness. This usually uses more skin care products to moisturize, keep the skin clean, and do a good job of hydrating the skin.

2. Drug impact

Long -term use of vitamin A acid drugs will affect sebaceous gland secretion, which will cause dry skin and heat. It should be allowed to adjust the amount of drugs or replace the drug and do daily skin care.

There are many reasons for dry skin. Patients should do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating skin daily to avoid discomfort in the skin and heat in time, and follow the doctor’s advice.

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