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Duginzi Herbal Picture


Ding Dingzi, also known as the golden iron lock, and the unique child, is the dry roots of the Golden iron lock of Shizhu family.Its taste is bitter, Xinxin, and warm; there is small poison, and the liver meridian.

Duginzi Herbal Picture


Ding Dingzi has the effects of dispersing stasis, removing wind, dehumidification, and detoxifying and swelling.


It can be used to treat rheumatism and pain, cold pain, bruises, trauma bleeding; cure sores, snake worm bites, etc.


Ding Dingzi is toxic, and he is more into the pills bulk. When taking the internal, the medicine should be used strictly according to the doctor’s instructions. Do not increase or reduce the amount of medication by yourself.Pregnant women are prohibited.Before breastfeeding women, children, and old and weak, please consult a doctor before using the gold iron lock.

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