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Dyeing your hair again?First understand the harm of hair dye!

New Year’s and new weather, everything must be from scratch. In the Spring Festival, the business of barber shops began to popular. Everyone hoped that Teacher Tony could design a good -looking hairstyle for themselves to make themselves the most beautiful cub in the village. Some people will choose the most fashionable hair color, so that you can walk on the street with 200%of the return rate.

However, the hazards of hair dye to health are still there. If you want to dye your hair in the New Year, you should first understand the dyeing of the hair dye.

Hair dye is a cosmetics for hair dyeing. According to the hair dye, it can be divided into oxidized hair dye and non -oxidized hair dye. Generally, the former is mostly used.

The reason why the oxidized hair dye can dye is mainly because the hair dye contains phenyline chemicals. This substance can enable the color of the color to be invested in the gap between the hair scales and the hair. For protein, a series of chemical reactions occur, and nuclear can be locked in large molecular pigment substances in the hair, which turns the hair color.

The reason why hair dye is harmful to the human body is because it contains chemicals and other chemicals such as phenyline, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide.

Phenyleneramine: A internationally recognized carcinogenic substance can cause skin discomfort such as skin allergies, dermatitis, and eczema. If it is repeatedly acting on hematopoietic stem cells for a long time, it will even cause the evil change of hematopoietic stem cells and cause leukemia.

Ammonia: Also Aimonia water, a large amount of ammonia can be volatile during perm, which is irritating and corrosive on the nose, eyes, and skin.

Hydrogen peroxide: Also known as hydrogen peroxide, it plays a role of decolorizing and hair color during the dyeing process. It is a strong oxidant and has a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

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In view of the harm of hair dye to the body, some hair dye products on the market have begun to advertise themselves as “pure Chinese herbal medicine preparations”. In fact, it is difficult to color any hair dye without chemicals. The so -called plant dyeing agent is not necessarily safe.

In order to avoid the harm of hair dye to the body, it is recommended that hair dye should be selected for the packaging of regular shopping malls or hairdressing shops, clearly identified, and has products with production licenses, sanitary licenses, special cosmetics approval numbers, and standardized product standards. And choose a hairdressing shop with legal, formal, good reputation, and hairdresser qualifications.

When dyeing hair, to prevent hair dye on the skin, you should first apply a layer of protective products on the skin. Moreover, the number of hair dye should not be too much. It can be dyed up to three times a year, and only new hair can be dyed.

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