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Early extra -pregnancy bleeding color and picture


Early ectopic pregnancy bleeding colors are generally dark red or dark brown. When a few patients with ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding, the vaginal bleeding volume will occur, similar to the usual menstrual flow, and the color is bright red.


Ectopic pregnancy refers to the bed outside the uterine cavity, including fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, cervical pregnancy, wide ligament pregnancy, etc.There are many causes of ectopic pregnancy, such as fallopian tube inflammation, history of fallopian tube pregnancy, and placing internal internal aduarators.

Early extra -pregnancy bleeding color and picture


Patients with ectopic pregnancy in the early days and no obvious bleeding in the abdominal cavity can be treated with drugs such as methotrexate.Those with large abdominal blocks or internal bleeding can be treated for surgical treatment.


Pay attention to the hygiene period of menstrual period, pregnancy and puerperium to prevent reproductive system infections.Women should go to the hospital in time after menopause, so as to find out ectopic pregnancy in time.

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