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Early symptoms of malignant melanoma pictures

Accelerate the production of melanin, turning the skin black, worse, and affecting the body’s DNA repair mechanism and mediating cellular immunity.

Skin cancer refers to a malignant tumor that was originally produced in the skin, which is usually divided into basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant.

Mr. Li was diagnosed with melanoma.Why is melanoma red? How to distinguish melanoma? Which people are more likely to occur in melanoma? Listen to what experts say.Zhou Zhongzhi, director of the Department of Burning Survance Survance Department of the hospital.

Maybe the liver has already been damaged. Generally, we talk about the common symptoms of the liver, which is inseparable from abdominal pain, jaundice, and spider moles.

However, it is also one of the most prone to early cancer species.For ordinary people over 40 years old.

Because the incidence and mortality of melanoma have improved, early detection of the disease has great assistance for the treatment of treatment, so it is necessary to understand the early main symptoms of melanoma.Early melanoma.

In the ranking of common malignant tumors in my country, liver cancer ranks fourth; in the ranking of tumor death in my country, liver cancer ranks second.Data show that the number of people dying in my country for liver cancer is about 390,000 each year.Because the liver has.

Melinoma is a common skin disease that occurs mostly among middle -aged and elderly people, and the incidence of men is higher than women.Early symptoms of melanoma will have deepening colors, rough surfaces, itching and pain, and rapid increase.

Do you think the malignant melanoma is “big and black lumps? Infernal black masses are not available in color, some malignant melanoma is low -key [Look at the picture below.

It is malignant melanoma.Generally speaking, lung, liver, bone, brain and other parts are common transfer parts! Once the transfer and spread, the mortality rate exceeds 40%! Even after surgery, the survival rate is only 65%!

The melanoma belongs to a category of tumors. The level of evil changes in such tumors is very high, and it occupies a very large part of the death of skin pathogenic tumors.Pot friends who do n’t know may not know much about such diseases, but they have touched it.

Melanoma can cause abnormalities of skin feelings with itching, painful pain and pain, the surface of the skin looks very rough, and it will be covered with phosphorus -like desquamation. The melanoma will have brown, black, white, white, and white.With red.

Early symptoms of malignant melanoma pictures

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