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Eat corn to lower blood sugar, and to boil water to treat diabetes?How should diabetes be treated?

“Sister, come to some corn? The doctor can say that eating corn can lower blood sugar.”

Auntie often went to the market to buy vegetables, and she counted her wife on the road. It turned out that Aunt Chang’s wife had diabetes. I have been taking medicine these years, but I went to check the doctor a few days ago that the blood sugar was higher. While letting Uncle Chang take the medicine on time, he also controlled his diet.

Aunt Chang was uncle for this incident. Xiao Zhang, who bought food next to him, saw the above sentence.

Hearing that he could lower blood sugar, Aunt Chang hurried forward to ask carefully. Xiao Zhang told Aunt Zhang that corn is a healthy food and contains a lot of dietary fiber. Many health experts recommend eating and say that blood sugar can be reduced. After listening to Xiao Zhang, Aunt Zhang felt very reasonable. At the moment, I bought a few corn in order to let Uncle Chang eat, and secretly decided to let him eat three meals a day.

In this way, Uncle Chang and corn accompanied them for a month. When I went to the hospital to check the blood sugar again, I found that the blood sugar did not fall. This makes Aunt Zhang feel incredible, is Xiao Zhang who is 这 这?

1. Eat corn lower blood sugar? Eat too much but raises blood sugar

In life, many people think that corn is hypoglycemic food, and patients with diabetes can eat with confidence.

In fact, this idea is not accurate! Corn contains polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and other substances. These substances have achieved good blood sugar effect on animal experiments. but! While corn contains a variety of nutrients, it is still a high -carbohydrate food. 100g of corn contains about 106 kcal of heat and 19.9g carbohydrates.

Corn can be a staple food. Eating corn often is tantamount to intake of a large number of staple foods, which will naturally cause blood sugar to rise.

In addition, the glutinous corn and black corn that we often eat in our lives not only contain a large amount of carbohydrates, but also contain a very high branches starch with a very high sugar index. After entering the body, it will be quickly digested and absorbed by the human body, causing blood sugar to rise, causing elevated blood sugar to rise. It is very unfriendly for diabetic patients to control the condition.

Second, do corn bearded to boil water for diabetes? Has a certain treatment effect

In addition to eating corn can lower blood sugar, it is also circulating corn to cook water to help lower blood sugar. Is this statement accurate?

Corn beard contains ingredients such as flavonoids, saponin, polysaccharides, in which flavonoids can prevent diabetes through antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, and inhibitory aldoscope, and can resist platener complications such as platelets, microvascular lesions, etc. The natural compound of high pharmacological activity, it has the effect of antioxidant, removing free radicals, and anti -sugar radiomization, can play a certain degree of blood sugar lowering and improving insulin levels; the effect of polysaccharide blood glucose is mainly reflected in reducing liver sugar Original, promoting the use of sugar on the outer peripheral organizational organs, so as to achieve blood sugar effect.

For diabetic patients, the use of corn must have a certain auxiliary effect on blood glucose control. Huang Qiaoting, deputy chief physician of the Psychiatric Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said that there are no healing methods at present, and the treatment of diabetes is mostly drug and insulin injection intervention. With the treatment of drug treatment with drug treatment, it can play a good effect of lowering blood sugar.

Third, diabetic feet are “nightmares”: 3 symptoms should be vigilant

Mr. Jiang, 56, is a diabetic patient. Her blood sugar control has not been ideal for many years. About 3 years ago, Mr. Jiang’s right foot was broken. Because the condition was too serious, he could not be treated conservatively. As a last resort, Mr. Jiang performed an amputation in the middle of the calf of his right lower limb. Unexpectedly, only three years have passed, Mr. Jiang’s left foot had symptoms of breakthroughs. Mr. Jiang was afraid that his left foot could not be kept, and he hurried to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, Mr. Jiang came in time this time. After a series of treatment, it has been discharged.

Diabetes is the most common complication of diabetic patients, which seriously threatens the health of patients. When diabetic feet come, patients will have symptoms such as ischemia, ulcers, and dry without sweat.

Specific manifestations are the skin ischemia, poor and elasticity of the lower limbs, poor drying elasticity, pigmentation, and symptoms of intermittent clamoring and resting pain. Foot ulcers are literally meaning. Unlike ulcers appearing in ordinary people, ulcers caused by diabetic feet are difficult to cure, and patients cannot feel pain; dry but not sweating is caused by the patient’s feet neuropathy. Slow and decline, stepping on the ground is like stepping on cotton wool, without real sense.

Once the above symptoms appear on the patients with diabetes, they must seek medical treatment in time without delay.

Fourth, don’t want to deteriorate diabetes, these 3 types of foods are recommended to eat less

For diabetes, it is very important to control blood glucose in a stable range, and these three types of foods should be eaten as little as possible.

1. Carbonated drink

Carbonated beverages are the favorite of many young people, but it is unhealthy. Carbonated beverages contain high sugar and calories. Long -term drinking will cause body weight to gain weight, which is not conducive to blood sugar control.

2. Too spicy food

After entering the body, spicy foods will stimulate adrenaline secretion, which will cause patients with acceleration of heartbeat and a lot of sweating, and will also affect normal sugar metabolism in the body.

3. Some fruits

Diabetic patients must have choices in daily eating fruits. Some fruits with high sugar content, such as longan, coconut, cooked banana, and jujube should be eaten as little as possible.

Diabetes is a very common disease in modern people. For diabetic patients, active control of blood sugar can be no different from ordinary people.Daily life must be used to cooperate with life and diet conditioning.Reference materials:

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