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Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

In the weight loss industry, it has been a long time for not eating breakfast or dinner, but whether it is breakfast or dinner party, everyone firmly said that lunch is still to be eaten.

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Since lunch is hot, it is troublesome to eat wrong lunch ~

Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

So today, I summarized several common error lunches for everyone. You can check if you have something wrong.

1: Low calories/only carbohydrates

As mentioned before, from the perspective of nutritional equilibrium, carbon, protein, and fat should be available at each meal.

But your lunch is like this:

Lunch a = soup powder/fried rice/car noodle

Lunch B = potato shreds with rice, taro with rice

Lunch C = corn and other miscellaneous grains+porridge+cold dishes

Lunch D = All green vegetables

Nothing …

Fan noodle rice will not be mentioned. Miscellaneous grains, vegetables, and fruits are actually carbohydrates. What happens when a person’s meals eat carbohydrates?

1: It is easy to be hungry, because carbohydrates are particularly good for digestion (especially easy to transform into fat), so you don’t feel full after eating, or you can not be hungry for two hours.

2: It is not easy to lose weight, which involves a problem of “leptin and leptin resistance”. Next time I write it in detail, I will tell you anyway, eating a lot of carbohydrates every daythin!

3: It is easy to cause skin aging. If you want to keep your skin young, you must have sufficient protein to support the entire skeleton.

Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

To put it bluntly, why most Chinese women are loosened because they are used to the lifestyle of less meat and grain, and once they get fat, they will bring a vicious circle of diet.When your age goes up and metabolizes, this cycle cannot be changed.

Let’s eat meat, please begging you ~ Otherwise, you can eat tofu ~

2: There are too few protein

Eat 2 eggs for lunch?There are too few protein!

Let me show you the nutritional component table of eggs:

100g of eggs are actually only 12.56g of protein, and 130g of eggs are only 16.33g of protein.

In the same way, although meat milk bean products have protein, protein is just a part of the nutrition. It does not mean that how much protein foods are eaten.A little egg …

As for how much you eat every day, you can review: Knowledge point | How much protein do you have to eat every day?

Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

3: Fatty is slightly more

This situation generally appears on the food star, and Jiu has been pitted many times.

Every time I feel “this one is probably light”, I went in and ordered the vegetables. As soon as the dishes were delivered, it was the “oil and not valuable” series. Even the vegetables flashed with oil, so I asked youAre you afraid?

Later, I found the opportunity to slip into the kitchen to see it. I found that the master of the Chinese restaurant was really a variety of “wide oil”.of.

Because this can quickly obtain a soft taste, which meets the requirements of the restaurant to cook fast and the taste must be heavy.

If you want to avoid high oil attacks, cooking yourself is the best way.

Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

Look at it correctly:


Rice+chicken steak+egg+stir -fry+garlic fried spinach


Garlic fragrance and fried shrimp, vegetable pasta


Tomato curry chicken fried rice+sun egg+broccoli


Miscellaneous rice+grilled bream+egg+tofu+vegetables


Black pepper chicken willow fried rice+egg shreds+broccoli

Eat lunch like this, who are you not fat?

Finally, the key points are drawn:

A qualified weight loss lunch = grain coarse grain+high -quality protein+a large amount of vegetables+a small amount of fat.

Don’t eat the wrong next time ~

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