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Eat more whole grains in winter to lose weight and lose weight quickly

The appetite of people in winter will increase greatly, so the cold weather will become the best excuse for you to eat and drink. But for a long time, how can the results of hard losing weight be destroyed once? The most important thing for us is to find a way to enjoy food and effectively lose weight? Try the whole grain food! It will definitely make you lose weight this winter.

Studies have shown that all grain diets have significant benefits to the waist and heart. A recipe full of whole grains can help eliminate the long -term belly that has troubled you while reducing the risk of heart disease. A new study found that people participating in the weight loss plan eat more whole wheat bread and cereals, and they can reduce more abdominal fat than those who only eat refined grains (white bread and rice).

In this study, Dr. Hiner of Pennsylvania and his colleagues divided 50 obese adults with metabolic syndrome into two groups. Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of heart disease and*25120*. Both groups are required to reduce calorie intake within 12 weeks. One group can only eat whole grains, while the other cannot eat any whole grain food. Studies have found that both groups can lose weight successfully. The set of all grains can be reduced by 8 pounds. The group of refined grains can be reduced by 11 pounds.

Both groups can reduce body fat, but eating whole grains can significantly reduce more abdominal fat. The benefits of whole grains are not only that: consumption of the whole grain can reduce the 38%C -reacting fat and increase the intake of dietary fiber and magnesium, and these results are not found in the set of consumed refined grains.

Source of whole grains

Are you looking for all grains? The following is some examples of all grains: whole wheat, whole oatmeal (slices), full corn, popcorn, brown rice, rye, whole grain barley, buckwheat, hybrid black wheat, hybrid black wheat, hybrid black wheat , Crusted dry wheat, chestnut, sorghum

You can add some whole grains to your meals and snacks:

Full -wheat -grain foods such as roasted oatmeal.

Add all -wheat flour or coarse rice noodles when you do cookies or baked goods.

Try the whole valley snacks, such as roasted corn flour cakes.

Jet rice is also a whole grain. Add a little salt and butter (even without!) It is a healthy snack.

Full grain on food labels

When you are looking for some foods containing all grain ingredients, you can refer to the following ingredient names: brown rice, crushed dried wheat, oatmeal (oatmeal or oatmeal), whole oatmeal, whole black, whole wheat, wild rice, wild rice Essence

Anyone labeled the words “fine grind”, “100%wheat flour”, “crushing wheat”, “seven valleys” (wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley, millet, linen seeds or black wheat) or bran (wheat, wheat seeds Waiting for the shells of grain plant seeds) are not coarse food.

Color is not the standard of distinguishing whole grains. For example, bread can become brown because of the role of honey or other additives. Read the ingredient table to see if it is really whole grain. Use nutritional ingredient labels and choose products with high daily cellulose demand. These “%DV” (daily demand) marked on the product are important tips to observe the content of coarse grains on the product.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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