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“Eat well, exercise more” can effectively prevent colorectal cancer

A recent study shows that among patients with colorectal cancer, those who have normal weight, exercise laws and diets are rich in valley, fruits, and vegetables. The chance of recurring or death is significantly lower than other people.



This discovery is based on the conclusion of survey of patients with colorectal cancer III.

“We found that among the patients with colorectal cancer, the weight is normal and has regular physical exercise. Erin L. Van Blarigan, assistant professor from UCSF, said.

At present, the nutrition and exercise standards formulated by the American Cancer Society are mainly based on cancer prevention, rather than the survival of patients with cancer. And this new discovery will provide new health suggestions for cancer patients.

The study included nearly 1,000 patients with phase III cancer, and they received chemical treatment between 1999 and 2001. Researchers investigated the lifestyle of these patients in 1999 and 2001. Researchers from UCSF analyzed this information. They score the patient’s living habits 0-6, the closer to the healthy lifestyle, the higher the score.

Researchers found that after 7 years of tracking and investigation, the risk of death in patients who followed the health lifestyle had decreased by 42%, while the control group had only decreased by 31%. 335 of these patients had cancer recurrence, of which 256 died and 43 people died for other reasons.

“There are currently more than 1 million patients with colorectal cancer in the United States,” Van Blarigan said. “The life expectancy of these people has increased significantly compared to the past, but the disease is still the second largest cancer type in the United States. Patient’s care level urgently needs to be improved. “

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