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Eating Jiang Sheng like a cream at night?Can ginger prevent hair loss?Many years of doubts have finally been solved

As we all know, there are many benefits of ginger. When cooking, it is often used as one of the indispensable ingredients. There are many “legends” about ginger:

For example, the most common “Eating radish in winter and eating ginger in summer,” “Ginger Shengxian like a frost at night”, I believe many people take these words as the imperial decree, and they are easily dare not violate.EssenceIn fact, what are the taboos of ginger?

First, eat Jiang Sheng like a cream at night, is it scientific or rumor?

There is a saying called “Eat ginger soup in the morning and eat ginger cream at night”. Some people think that they cannot eat ginger at night because ginger contains a kind of ingredients called ginger spicy.Essence

Eating Jiang Sheng like a cream at night?Can ginger prevent hair loss?Many years of doubts have finally been solved

If you eat too much ginger before going to bed at night, the blood vessels will expand, speed up the heartbeat, and affect sleep.In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. Regardless of whether you eat ginger in the morning or ginger at night, the ingredients of ginger will not change. What impact will ginger on the human body depends on the ingredients and consumption.If you eat too much ginger, no matter in the morning or evening, you may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Ginger anti -hair loss?

With the increase of life pressure, more and more people have troubled hair loss.At the same time, more and more hair loss products have been launched in the market.In addition, some people say that ginger is anti -hair loss, so many people buy shampoo containing ginger ingredients, and even wipe the scalp with ginger …

At present, although related experiments have proved that 8-gingerol and other components in ginger can eliminate inflammation and antibacterial, which helps solve the problem of itching and dandruff.However, there are some experiments that some components in ginger are not good for hair growth.

Moreover, there is no relevant authority research that ginger has the effect of preventing hair loss.If you have severe hair loss, you must see the doctor in time, find out the cause, and do not use ginger blindly.

Eating Jiang Sheng like a cream at night?Can ginger prevent hair loss?Many years of doubts have finally been solved

Ginger contains a substance called ecklinin. Matsus is metabolized, which will form active carcinogenic acetate, sulfate and epoxy epoxy camphor, which can induce cancer.In the rotten ginger, the content of camphor is higher, and long -term consumption can increase the risk of cancer.

my country stipulates that the maximum limited edition of camphor vegetarian in food and beverages is 1 ㎎/㎏. The content of eczalwood in the mildew and rotten ginger is very low. It is added as a condiment. It will not cause cancer and can rest assured.

Third, the real benefits of ginger are actually these 4

1. Ginger contains gingerol, gingerol, ginger oil crumbs and other ingredients, which can sterilize, anti -inflammatory and pain relief;

2. Ginger contains peroxide dismissal enzymes, ginger, and vitamin C, which can inhibit the production of peroxide lipids in the body and play a role in delaying aging;

3. Ginger has an exciting effect on respiratory and vascular movement center, which can promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation to drive cold, and prevent colds;

4. Ginger can appetize the spleen, stimulate saliva, gastric juice and digestive fluid secretion, increase gastrointestinal motility, and promote appetite.

However, it should be noted that although there are many benefits of ginger, you ca n’t eat randomly. Some precautions need to be remembered.Ginger flavor is warm, internal heat, internal heat, yin deficiency, patients with hepatitis, inflammatory patients with urinary system, and patients with hypertension should not eat ginger, otherwise they will aggravate symptoms.

In addition, try not to peel when eating ginger, which will reduce the effect of ginger.Don’t eat a lot of ginger at one time. Ginger is a hot food. It is easy to get angry when eating too much.

Eating Jiang Sheng like a cream at night?Can ginger prevent hair loss?Many years of doubts have finally been solved

Ginger is a very common seasoning on the table. There are many benefits to eating ginger appropriately, but you should not be too much. At the same time, you must not eat rotten ginger. Even if the rotten part is cut off, the remaining ginger may contain eczar.The body has a certain harm.

For some of the efficacy of ginger, we must learn to judge and do not follow the trend blindly to avoid the effect.

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