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Eating raw fish slices to the liver is so great

Fresh foods such as sashimi and raw fish porridge have gradually become the darling of the people chasing the public. Ma Guansheng, a professor at the School of Public Health at Peking University, pointed out that after taste “fresh”, liver absorption will also inadvertently invite themselves.

Liver -absorbing insects, as the name implies, are a parasitic that endangers the liver and gallbladder system. The adult is thin, flat, and looks like melon seeds. They are parasitic in people’s hepatobiliary ducts, with a lifetime of 20-30 years and can damage health for a long time.

Ma Guansheng introduced that the liver absorption parasitic in the hepatobiliary can narrow the bile duct. If there is a lot of worms, the bile duct will be blocked, the cholecoscopic accumulation will be accumulated, and jaundice will appear. They can also cause liver swelling and gallstones. Those who are infected with liver and insects may have no obvious symptoms. Those with moderate infection will show indigestion system discomfort, such as loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue and thinness; severe infection may have liver cirrhosis and ascites.

Ma Guansheng reminded that my country is a region where liver and insects occur, and should attract enough attention. The human body infection is mainly caused by eating raw or half -life fish and shrimp. Therefore, to avoid liver and insects, it is mainly not to eat raw fish and shrimp. Be sure to cook it and cook it.

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