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Eczema abuse of hormone drugs, the baby becomes a “big head doll” tragically!Relieve that children’s eczema depend on hormone drugs, vitamin D or tube!

Baby eczema is a kind of allergic skin disease that occurs in the baby’s head and face, which can be manifested as symptoms such as erythema, pimples, and exudate on the face, and accompanied by itching, which makes the baby feel uncomfortable, causing crying and sleeping. Difficult to settle.

In the treatment of infant eczema, it is best to go to pediatrics and dermatology for help. However, in the face of infant eczema, some parents will go to the nearby mother and baby shop to buy baby cream to apply. However, recently, “Dad’s Evaluation” exposed a news that “eczema baby uses hormone -containing ointment, which leads to the baby’s” big head doll “, which makes netizens feel sad.

Eczema baby uses hormone -containing ointment, the baby becomes tragically “big doll”

According to the video released by “Dad’s Evaluation”, the 5 -month -old baby has a symptom of “big head doll” with slow development, hairy, and swollen face. “—— the” Yifu Ling Multi -Effective Care Bacterium Cream “of the” Baby Baby Tree “brand.

It is understood that this “Yifu Ling Multi -effect Special Care Bacterbinomy” hormone is greatly exceeded the addition standard. At present, the local Health and Health Commission has ordered the enterprise to recall the products involved, and the company involved has discontinued production.

In fact, hormone external medicines cannot be used at will, but need to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor to treat children’s eczema. Parents are best to send them to the doctor.

There is no way to cure baby eczema!

The heartbroken merchants are angry, but through this incident, I hope that parents will understand one thing: all products that are pure natural zero hormones will be particularly effective after use, be alert to whether the product is secretly added to hormones!

At present, there is no means to completely cure infant eczema. Children need to be treated with external drugs or oral drugs according to the severity of the doctor under the guidance of a doctor. Commonly used drugs include glucocorticoids, immunosuppressants, and antibiotics.

Supplement vitamin D may relieve eczema symptoms

In addition to drug treatment, vitamin D may be appropriately supplemented to alleviate the symptoms of severe eczema children. Recently, researchers from the School of Pharmaceuticals from the University of Manu Lala published a study in the international journal “Pharmaceutical Research and Prospects”, which shows that vitamin D can significantly reduce the symptoms of allergic dermatitis or eczema children with eczema.

Researchers divide 86 children patients into two groups, one group of vitamin D3 (1600 international units/day), and the other takes placement, and at the same time use 1%hydrogenation of hydrogenated ointment twice a day, continuously, continuously use Treatment for 12 weeks. The results showed that the clinical symptoms of vitamin D the treatment group were 56.44%, while the placebo therapy group was 42.09%. At the same time, compared with the placebo group, the area and severity of the vitamin D group were improved.

Researchers believe that vitamin D or allergic dermatitis such as eczema can be supplemented. However, parents should not be supplemented without authorization. It is recommended to give infants appropriately to supplement vitamin D appropriately through diet and sun exposure.

How should infants take care of eczema?

After infants suffer from eczema, the dress should be as loose as possible, mainly cotton coats, and wearing sweaters on the surface, which can easily lead to allergies.

Wash the skin with water with a suitable temperature (32 ° C-38 ° C) every day. It is best not to use soap or shower gel to avoid drying the skin.

After cleaning, apply a doctor’s guidance ointment at the eczema area, and then apply the moisturizer in the area without eczema, the selected moisturizer, and the specific dosage.

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