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Eczema contagious?Can the immunoglobulin be prevented?Professor Qiu Xianwen of Dermatology said the truth

“Itching, itching …” This is the most intuitive feeling of eczema, and its endless power is crazy. Whether it is just diagnosed with eczema or death with eczema, there are such questions:

Seeing a large red spotted mobilization of the skin, it also exudes disgusting liquid, worrying about it?

Every time I leave, I basically ask: Do I want to avoid my mouth, what can I eat? Can immunoglobulin prevent eczema?


In this issue, Professor P’s invitation to Professor Qiu Xianwen, Deputy Director of Dermatology at Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University for detailed answers

Will eczema be contagious?

Expert solve doubt: don’t worry too much

Eczema is not caused by a specific pathogen infection, so no human infection will occur, but the scope of the patient’s eczema may increase as the condition progresses.

For example, Qiu Xianwen said that patients with wet diagnosis commonly clinically clinically, such as ride motorcycles to accidentally burn the calf by the exhaust pipe, the skin of the affected area appears erythema, erosion, and exudate. The situation was called infectious eczema -like dermatitis before.

For those who have allergic constitutions, in addition to the surrounding area of ​​scald, a large amount of rash can appear in the whole body. This situation is called autologous sensitive dermatitis. It is a special type of eczema. This is the initial trauma. After infection, toxins are released, which causes autologous allergies, but is not contagious to others.

Can I eat eggs and beef?

Expert solve doubt: patients with acute phase should avoid

With skin diseases, patients are very concerned about dietary problems, especially when they eat in Guangdong. Lao Guang believes that seafood, eggs, beef, roast goose, and roast ducks are hairpin. Eating it will increase skin diseases. It is indeed uncommon clinically. Some patients often say that they have recently attended dinner, drinking, and seafood to cause rash to worsen.

Do you want to avoid eczema patients? In this regard, Qiu Xianwen responded that for most patients with eczema, due to the often repeated factors of eczema, food is often one of the factors of inducing factors. When the condition is controlled, it is generally not necessary to pay too much attention. It can be eaten. If you find that a certain food will worsen or cause recurrence, don’t eat it. Diet diary is an effective way to effectively discover allergic foods. You can also use blood to check food allergens and food intolerance, which will help to prevent usual food prevention.

For some patients in the acute seizures of chronic eczema, they still need to be properly avoided. The diet should be light. Try not to eat high -protein diets such as seafood, drinking, beef and mutton.

Can injection of immunoglobulin prevent eczema?

Experts solve doubt: cannot be used as a drug prevention of eczema

“Why is eczema? It has a certain relationship with the abnormal immune function. It is an unbalanced immune regulatory function, but its cause and pathogenesis are very complicated and related to many factors.” Qiu Xianwen said.

At present, there are two main types of immunoglobulin. One is oblong globulin for venous veins, which are mainly used for the rescue of immune defects and patients with severe patients. Hepatitis, etc., can make the body’s short -term passive immunity and quickly improve the effect of antiviral virus, but the maintenance time is only about 2 to 3 weeks.

Under what circumstances can you consider applying immunoglobulin? Qiu Xianwen believes that only if severe eczema patients are combined with systemic infection, which leads to low immunity, will they consider the use of immunoglobulin. Because there is no clear evidence that the immunoglobulin eczema will be obviously benefited, so it does not advocate the use of immunoglobulin, especially chronic eczema, especially chronic eczema, especially chronic eczema.

As a common chronic dermatology, eczema can only control the condition and cannot cure. Doctors and patients need to cooperate with each other to regulate medication under the guidance of a doctor.

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Compared to immunoglobulin, it is more important to prevent eczema patients from daily life. It is recommended not to drink, do not stay up late, eat less high protein, drink less milk tea drinks, maintain a good mentality, and help control the condition of eczema to control eczema. Essence

(Correspondent Wu Xiaodan)

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