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Eczema in spring!When eczema patients take a bath, there are several things to pay attention to!

Eczema is an allergic disease related to immunity. There are many reasons for his illness, including internal factors and external factors. Such as contacting allergens such as dust mites; ingestion of allergic foods, such as seafood, nuts, beef, lamb, peppers, leek, ginger, garlic; there are some autoimmune diseases, as well as mental tension, excessive stress, not resting. Jia can lead to eczema prone to patients.

Spring is the high incidence of eczema. This is mainly due to the many sources of allergies in spring, such as catkins, pollen, microorganisms, insects, pet fur and secretions. Moreover, the humid climate in spring makes eczema easier to recur.

After many patients with eczema are ill, itching symptoms will occur. They often like to wash the affected area with hot water while taking a bath, and the bathing time is particularly long, thinking that this can relieve the disease. In fact, the time of eczema patients should not exceed 10 minutes when bathing.

Studies have found that eczema is related to the lack of silk polymerization in the skin. Silk polymerin plays an important role in the skin’s defense function. Once the lack is missing, the skin will become particularly “fragile”. Once you encounter environmental stimuli, allergens will easily invade, leading to eczema.

So why shouldn’t eczema not take a bath for more than 10 minutes? Because the bathing time is too long, it is easy to dry the skin, which will cause itching and easily add symptoms of eczema.

In addition, when eczema patients take a bath, the following matters should be paid:

1. Don’t take a bath frequently

Do not need to take a bath too frequently in winter. Usually you can wash it once a day. Too many baths will damage the sebum film and make the skin dry. If the skin is not very dirty, you can use less or clean the product. Apply more moisturizing milk after bathing to help the skin keep moisturizing.

2. Don’t be too hot in water temperature

It is very comfortable to take a hot bath. If the water temperature is too hot, it is easy to make the skin dry or even peeling. Therefore, the water temperature can be kept at 35 ~ 40 ° C, especially the shower should pay attention to the water temperature.

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3. Do not scrub hard

If you wash too much, it is easy to damage the skin. Do not use a rough bath towel. You can use a bath flower to gently remove the dirt on the body with foam.

Also, it is recommended not to use shower gels or soap containing pigment or spices. After taking a shower, you can apply a moisturizing cream to avoid water loss. Usually, be careful not to scratch eczema. Treatment should be performed under the guidance of a doctor. Do not use ointment without authorization.

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