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Eczema is most critical

Recently, many friends around Xiaobian have appeared in such a situation. A spots on the arms and necks appeared on the rashes of spots. After diagnosis, they had eczema. Next, I will popularize the knowledge of the medication of eczema for everyone.

The humid environment has nothing to do with eczema, just like the Guangzhou in Guangzhou, the south is more humid, and the floors of Xiaobian’s friends live low, the skin is fragile and changes in eating habits, all of which make eczema organic It can be reflected in two aspects from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

First of all, the “wetness” in Chinese medicine is divided into “inner wetness and wetness”, and the outer wetness refers to the environment. For example, people who work in a humid environment for a long time are prone to eczema (scrotal eczema). This is mainly because of the scrotum. The skin is rich in sweat glands, and it has the effect of heat dissipation by sweating. At the same time, the skin of the scrotum is very loose, thin, and very sensitive. With leg friction, it is easy to cause eczema.

Secondly, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the wetness is yin evil, and its sexuality is stagnant. Homes are at low levels, with small yang surface, humid air, and poor indoor ventilation, and the skin is prone to eczema, especially when the spring and summer intersection returns to the south humid weather, or the rainy season of long summer plums, or when the autumn is warm and humid. Essence

So, how to use eczema? Experts said that the right medicine is the most critical place.

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Eczema is most critical

Acute eczema: When the acute eczema skin is not exuded, it can be used for glycrystone with calamine 4-6 times a day. When itching is obvious, add sugar cortex hormone cream. For example, 1%hydride can be used for external use 1-2 times a day. When there are seepage, you can use physiological saline and other cold and wet compresses, 2-4 times a day.

Sub-acute eczema: Patients with acute eczema can choose paste, such as zinc oxide paste or 5%bran distilled oil paste, glucocorticoid cream, 2-3 times a day.

Chronic eczema: Patients with chronic eczema can choose sugar corticosterium hormone cream, zinc oxide ointment ointment, and tar to apply. For thick and stubborn skin damage, you can add a plastic film or glass paper to the hypertrophy, and once a night; you can also use a hard ointment containing glucocorticoid hormones to the small thick skin lesions.

Eczema secondary infection: If a secondary bacterial infection, you can choose a wet -compress damp to wet in infection. If a bacterial infection is infected, antifungal drugs can be combined with external external use.

Stubborn eczema: Small slices of hypertrophic and refractory damage and coin -shaped eczema can be selected from glucocorticoid injection, damage or leather shallow partial closed injections, and the amount is dependent on the size of the skin lesions.

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