Effectively get simplicity obesity

Although traditional Chinese medicine has no theory of weight loss, the theory of spleen and stomach transportation, the theory of qi and blood has a dialectical discussion on the principle of obesity from physiology and pathology. The fat and sweet taste, the spleen and stomach is transported to the fat paste, accumulated in the body, or become a phlegm -damp -blocking gas machine. Explain the relationship between obesity and spleen and stomach. Traditional medical health weight loss methods are effective in simple obesity, and there is no effective method for genetic obesity.

Cupping operation

1. The symptoms of Zhongyang hypertrophic are physically obesity, hyperthyroidism, good food and muscles, noodles red, greasy moss, red tongue, slippery pulse.

Treatment: clear stomach and diarrhea.

Acupoints: Hunger, Stimi, Feishu and other acupoints, Yangchi, Sanjiaoyu and other acupoints.

Operation: The method of combining cupping and ear pressure should be comprehensively carried out. Ear -pressure hunger points (the middle point in front of the ear screen, below the outer nasal acupoint), the hunger point can bloating the stomach, lower appetite, and the experience of weight loss. Single -can -tank soreness is because of the subtle declaration of Mizutani to lose the whole body. Points such as Yangchi, Sanjiao, Stomachi, etc. are closely related to the diet and absorption of the diet. The above -mentioned acupoints, especially the hunger and other reactions such as weight loss (including other weight loss methods).

2. Symptoms of phlegm and dampness are physically obese or accompanied by drowsiness, prone to fatigue, poor naming, light mouthless, women’s menstruation, less menstrual or amenorrhea, men’s yang fistula, tongue fat teeth marks, pulse sinking or slippery.

Treatment: Dharma wet phlegm.

Acupoints: Ear acupoint endocrine, adrenal glands, body acupoint Sanjiaoyu, Pibu, etc.

Operation: Earlile endocrine and adrenal acupoint points, the central nervous nerve has the meaning of regulating endocrine. The body acupoint can be combined with a single can to take a can, for 15-20 minutes, and take the effect of healthy spleen to remove dampness and phlegm.

The method of weight loss in traditional medicine is the clinical application of today’s visceral viscera theory. Most of the diarrhea rules mean to inhibit the feeding function, or regulate the hyperthyroid of the spleen and stomach to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Here we should not deny the psychological and implied role of these therapies. Based on the patient’s weight loss: these therapies play a hint of therapy, through the operation of the patient’s hunger or before meals, to prompt the patient to consciously control the psychological effect of the food, and at the same time It does cause the regulating response of the hill brain feeding center.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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