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Eight factors that occur in liver cirrhosis Be careful of liver cirrhosis these complications

The phenomenon of liver cirrhosis disease is not particularly rare around us. The harm of the health of liver cirrhosis to patients and friends is more harmful. For this daily life Be sure to treat it in time, so what are the factors of liver cirrhosis disease?

What are the factors of liver cirrhosis disease?

I. Poisonous poisoning liver cirrhosis: Due to long -term contact with certain chemical poisons or taking drugs for a long time, patients who take certain healing drugs for a long time may cause toxic hepatitis or pharmaceutical hepatitis, and then develop into liver cirrhosis.

Second, hepatitis after hepatitis: At this time, the common causes of liver cirrhosis in my country, hepatitis viruses include A, B, C, Ding, and Wu, but do not mean that all hepatitis viruses can induce liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis B is easily converted into chronic, that is, chronic activity hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Third, cholecoscanic liver cirrhosis: Patients did not treat timely treatment after the occurrence of bile stasis. For a long time, when the hepatochromic or outer liver bile duct obstruct, it gradually necrotic to form bile liver cirrhosis.

Fourth, alcoholic liver cirrhosis: As the amount of drinking increases, the number of alcoholic liver is increasing. There are more and more alcoholic liver. Many people do not pay attention to it. Instead, it is not expensive. Drinking, long -term drinking will damage liver cells, causing fat degeneration, necrosis, fibrosis, and developing it into liver cirrhosis.

Fifth, hepatitis virus: The most common is the infection of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and T -type hepatitis virus. Some people with hepatitis B virus infection have chronic hepatitis, and a small number of chronic hepatitis B has developed into cirrhosis. About half of acute hepatitis C develops into chronic hepatitis, of which 10%to 30%will cause cirrhosis. Hepatitis B virus can occur hepatitis B virus, and some patients develop hepatic cirrhosis.

6. Alcohol factors: Long -term drinking causes liver cell damage, fat degeneration, necrosis, liver fibrosis, severe liver cirrhosis.

7. Bile stasis: Long -term chronic chronic bile stasis, causing hepatocyte inflammation and bile duct response, and even necrosis occur, forming bile liver rigidity.

8. Celusion factors: Long -term and repeated chronic cardiac insufficiency, narrowing pericarditis, and hepatic vein obstruction can cause liver congestion, cause hypoxia in liver cells and necrosis and degeneration, and finally cause liver cirrhosis. Among them, the liver cirrhosis caused by the heart is called heart -based liver cirrhosis.

What are the hazards of liver cirrhosis?

(1) Door vein hypertension: Hepatitis cirrhosis will bring this harm. Many people will form liver fiber tissue after the liver cirrhosis. A large amount of blood flow at the point is stagnant in the door vein, which increases the pressure of the door vein. After reaching a certain degree, the portal vein high pressure is formed, causing great harm to the patient.

(2) Gastrointestinal bleeding: This is one of the harms brought by cirrhosis. The amount of bleeding caused by cirrhosis is usually large. Many patients will manifest as sudden vomiting blood or discharge a large number of black stools. Some patients first have dizziness. Palpitations, fatigue, dry mouth, black hay (unclear vision) or syncope often cause shock or induce hepatic encephalopathy (formerly known as “liver coma”). The mortality rate is very high. Do not ignore people.

(3) Hepatic brain disease: After checking liver cirrhosis, what are the harms caused by cirrhosis. In the harm of liver cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy is one of the harm of this disease. For ammonia generated by protein metabolism. Due to the obstacles of the metabolic removal of ammonia, the ammonia produced by the metabolism in the body or the ammonia produced by a large amount of protein foods in the body by taking a large amount of protein foods increases the ammonia concentration in the blood, so it causes hepatic brain disease.

(4) Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis: After many people get liver cirrhosis, patients will be reduced due to liver detoxification dysfunction, the body’s immune function is reduced. It will form a bacterial blood section, and after entering the abdominal cavity, it will form spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. In severe cases, it will even cause symptoms such as refractory ascites and abdominal pain. Therefore, patients with cirrhosis must be actively treated.

(5) Plack effusion and edema: This is also one of the hazards of liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis cirrhosis can also lead to this situation. Because plasma albumin is mainly synthesized in the liver, patients with liver cirrhosis are severely damaged due to liver function. As a result of protein synthesis disorders, hypoproteinemia occurs. When protein decreases to a certain degree, chest, abdominal effusion and lower limb edema will occur. Therefore, people should pay attention to this disease.

(6) Liver cancer: After the disease of liver cirrhosis, if the patient is not treated, the patient may be severe due to liver cell damage, and a large number of liver cell hyperplasia will appear to compensate the liver function. Cancer occurs, which will seriously hurt the body of the patient.

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