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Eight mistakes of nursing newborn

1. Fixed newborn baby sleep posture

“I heard that the baby’s sideways will cause a migraine, and it is easy to suffocate when sleeping, so every time the baby falls asleep in my arms, I put down the baby gently, then put on his head, and use small on both sides of the head. The pillow is against it. This is very safe to the baby. “

Correct practice: The newborn keeps the inner posture of the fetus, and the limbs are still curled. In order to help him flow out some water and mucus in the birth canal, within 24 hours after birth, a low -side position must be adopted. Long -term supine will make the child’s head shape flat. The correct way is to turn over the baby often. This time, lie on the left side of the sleep. Lie flat next time, and then lie on the right side to make the baby’s head shape look shapely and beautiful. Pay attention to lying on the side after eating milk, so as not to vomit milk to the trachea. When lying on the left and right sides, be careful not to press the child’s auricle forward, otherwise the auricle is often folded and easily deforms.

2. Wake up the sleeping baby to urinate

“I’m afraid of the baby’s urine bed, holding the baby up and urinating every few hours. Sometimes the baby is crying after the baby wakes up. There is no way. I don’t want his little fart to be wrapped in a wet diapers. It’s not good to get red buttocks. “

Correct practice: The baby’s sleep is important. If the baby’s precious sleep is sacrificed to not stain his little fart, it will be worth it. Choose high -quality urine to protect the baby’s little fart. If the baby is very uncomfortable, he will remind you to replace it in time with crying. When the two or three years old, when the baby urinates at night, some already know people, and some will naturally wake up when they have urine. There is no need to wake the baby at all.

3. Open the lights to sleep

“I like to leave lights in the bedroom. Once it is convenient to take care of the baby, on the other hand, the baby has a sense of security.”

Correct practice: Turn off the lights to sleep. The light on the bedside will not only affect the baby’s sleep quality, but also affect vision development. Any artificial light source will generate a weak light pressure on the human body. This light pressure exists for a long time, which will make infants and young children anxious, nervous, and difficult to sleep. Sleeping under the light for a long time will also affect the mesh activation system of the eyes, causing the time to shorten each sleep, the depth of sleep becomes lighter, and is easily awakened. Compared with the baby sleeping in the dark, the incidence of myopia is 4 times higher than the baby sleeping under the light.

4. Wear too many clothes and sleep

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“I’m afraid that the baby is sleeping cold, and wearing a thin sweater to sleep, so I will not be afraid of freezing my small belly.”

Correct practice: It should not be too hot to sleep. The humidity of the quilt is high, and the baby’s metabolism is strong, which can easily induce “sultry syndrome”, which can cause the baby to sweat and even collapse. Similarly, it is easy to use electric blankets to affect health due to high temperature caused by high temperature.

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