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Eight physical examination plans that women must do in their lives

A woman’s life has to go through many things, happiness and harm. The physical unhealthy is the biggest harm to women. If you insist on ten physical examinations, then health will accompany you in your life.

1. Gynecological examination (do once a year)

Cervical coating test to prevent cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Secondly, pelvic examination, breast examination, and lymph node examinations in underarms and clavicle.

2. Self -examination of the breast (do it once a month)

Develop good self -examination habits, familiar with the normal form of your own breasts and the feeling of touch, once there is abnormalities, it is easy to cause alert.

The best time to check is after the menstruation is over. At this time, the breast is soft and has no swelling, which is conducive to obtaining sensitive tactics. It is best to self -examination during bathing: After the skin is wet with soap, it helps to move the fingers smoothly on the surface of the breast.

3. Breast X -ray see -through filming

If the mother or sister does not have breast cancer, this examination is generally not necessary.

4. Comprehensive physical examination (do every 5 years)

Women at this age are generally not easy to get sick, but it is necessary to do a comprehensive medical examination every 5 years. Doctors will inquire about personal medical history, related family medical history, and personal lifestyle problems, and then take blood tests. In addition, glucose tolerance tests, liver and spleen palpation examination, as well as urine tests, hemoglobin testing, etc. The purpose of these inspections is to exclude diseases that have no conscious symptoms.

5. Self -examination of skin cancer (do it once a year)

Check the front of the body in front of the floor -type dressing mirror, then face the mirror, hold the other mirror, and look at the back of the shoulder, back, arms, and legs. In addition, don’t ignore your feet. Anyone or a mole or mole with an area of ​​more than 6 mm (about a pencil) is uneven and should be diagnosed. The original pigment area of ​​the skin becomes larger or deepened, and it is also a dangerous signal.

6. Skin cancer examination (do it once a year after the age of 25)

Even after being sunny in childhood, melanoma cancer may occur. If abnormalities are found at this time, you only need to have a small operation. Therefore, it is necessary to do a professional inspection on the mole or pigmentation of the whole body.

7. Dental inspection (per year per year)

You should insist on seeing the dentist every six months to remove the tooth spots and dental stones to prevent gums. Women who have taken contraceptives during pregnancy may be high due to the high level of estrogen in the blood, and they must often look at dentists.

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8. Quality blood pressure (once every two years)

Hypertension is not a patent for the elderly. The systolic blood pressure (high pressure) exceeds 140 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) exceeding 90 mm Hg, which should take countermeasures: diet, exercise and reciprocity control -this should listen to what doctors say.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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