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Mr. Wang, who was only 26 years old, was very distressed recently, because his “performance” in bed in the past few months was very bad. “Slaying power” declined, and sometimes he even ejaculated a few times. The shadow of the “fast gunman” has been lingering. Why is Mr. Wang always thinking about his performance is not as good as before. Is this situation be regarded as premature ejaculation and do you need to treat it?

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According to the definition of the 2007 Institute of International Functional Dioxide, premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation that always or almost always occurs before or inserted into the vagina. The consequences of behavior, such as distress, anxiety, frustration and avoidance. Of course, the premature premature ejaculation is to have fast ejaculation in a regular sex life. If the sexual interval between the husband and wife is a long time, it is normal for the first or twice of the “small babies to be newlywed”.

In the cause of premature ejaculation, more than 80%of them belong to heart -caused premature ejaculation. 1. Excessive spiritual excitement and nervousness. For example, if you live a new wedding night or a first -time life, the man may have ejaculation when he is too excited when he is just exposed to female sex organs or when the penis is just put into the vagina; the same is true for husbands and wives to reunite for a long time, but these situations cannot be diagnosed as premature ejaculation. 2. Psychological inferiority and depression. Many men do not know enough about sexual knowledge, and sometimes they have no reason to doubt whether they have low sexual ability, especially if they think that their penis is shorter than the actor of the film, it is easy to be dirty and unable to be “firm.” 3. The couple’s feelings are not harmonious. The common thing is that the husband has suspicion or dislike of his wife. Sexuality is only “routine”, which leads to loss of sexual interest and easy to end early. 4. Fatigue. Being a husband and wife life in a state of excessive tension and exhaustion will quickly ejaculate because of the “powerlessness”.

The other is organic premature ejaculation. Many urinary androcard diseases can lead to reduced excitement of ejaculation centers, which in turn causes premature ejaculation. Common urogenital inflammation such as balanitis, urethritis, epididymitis, chronic prostatitis, etc.

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For most of the heart and ejaculation, it can generally be relieved through its own psychological regulation, enhancement of husband and wife relationships, resting more exercise, and do not have to seek medical treatment. However, if you find that you can’t adjust yourself, you are recommended to go to the orrology. Premature ejaculation caused by organic lesions is undoubtedly the best way to go to the hospital. The traditional treatment method is to take medicine, and clinically supplemented some behavioral therapies with antidepressant and professor patients with premature ejaculation. The specific treatment plan shall be discussed by doctors and patients. ▲

Zhao Bing, Department of Urology, East District, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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