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Elderly women should wear sports bra

Dr. Debie Reeseus and his colleagues at the Institute of Breast Health, the University of Puzmouth, compared the breast activity of 24 women.Twelve of them are women 45-65 years old, and the other 12 are 18-25 years old.All participants’ breasts are 34D.The researchers asked the participating women to walk on the treadmill for 2 minutes without wearing a bra, while observing their breast activity.It was found that the breasts of middle -aged and elderly women’s breasts were actually smaller than young women during exercise.Dr. Reeseus analyzed that the breasts of middle -aged and elderly women are like “old pine tight bands”, and their elasticity is significantly worse when stretching.There is no doubt that sports bras will help middle -aged and elderly women to protect their breasts more effectively, and also help them to encourage them to participate in daily exercise more.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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