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“Electronic mustard” is not a “bibimbap”!Potential 4 major dangers must be vigilant

Opening the electronic screen and choosing a video of “cooking” are the “pre -meal rituals” of many people.Eating broadcast, game live broadcast, TV series … Various videos you like to watch when you dine are nicknamed “electronic mustard”.

Deputy Chief Physician Lai Yu of Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University reminded: Watching videos while eating is not a good eating habit. There are potential dangers such as swallowing foreign objects, esophageal burns, and indigestion.

“Electronic mustard” bibimbap?Pay attention to these potential dangers

Many people have developed the habit of watching the electronic screen while eating. These electronic videos for “bibimbap” are called “electronic mustard”.

Lai Yu pointed out that watching the video moderate time in leisure time can bring relaxation to a tense life, but it is not a good choice as a “meal”.Deputy Chief Physician Lai Yu reminded that watching videos, e -books, etc. will cause certain damage to the digestive tract while eating.Risk, so it is not recommended to form the habit of eating while watching videos.

Potential danger: Gastrointestinal foreign body

Lai Yu pointed out that if you do not concentrate on eating, you may swallow foreign objects during eating, causing physical damage to gastrointestinal tract.Excessive or excessive foreign bodies will stuck in the esophagus, causing the esophageal obstruction, damage, bleeding, and even other more serious consequences.

Potential danger II: Gastrointestinal burns

Do not concentrate on meals and may increase the risk of unexpected burns in the gastrointestinal tract.Due to the painfulness, touch, and warmth of the oral mucosa and gastrointestinal mucosa, people often feel “hot” after swallowing foods with higher temperature.For part of it, it is easier to know later and cause digestive tract burns.

Potential danger III: indigestion

Watching “electronic mustard” while entering the food, the mood is likely to fluctuate with the content, especially some eating and cooking programs, which may make people watch “eat more”.Lai Yu pointed out that because of distraction or stimulation of the outside world, he did not know that he was hungry, drinking less or eating less or overeating, too fast or too slow, etc.In addition, eating speed is uneven, such as too fast eating, insufficient chewing time, and swallowing food, etc., will cause food and digestive juice to be unable to mix.Symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, acid reflux, qi, constipation, diarrhea, etc., may even induce severe diseases such as acute pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Potential Danger 4: Gastrointestinal infection

It attracted attention by “electronic mustard”, and people are likely to ignore the taste of food that is really eating, so as to mistakenly eat food that has changed taste.If you accidentally eat these foods that contain bacteria and viruses, the digestive tract is likely to be infected and cause severe symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

In accidental critical situation in eating, scientifically dispose of this

How to deal with digestive tract burns, indigestion, or digestive discomfort. If these conditions occur due to wrong eating habits or accidents, how to deal with it?Lai Yu gives the following suggestions.

After swallowing foreign objects and digestive tract burns, you should seek medical treatment in time.After the discovery of swallowing foreign matter and the occurrence of digestive tract burns, the occurrence of digestive tract symptoms is often delayed. Patients may not seek medical treatment in time because of the lack of symptoms, or trusting the “soil method”, and delay the condition.

Master the Hamrich emergency method.When the tracheal obstruction is caused by accidentally swallowing foreign matter, the Himlck emergency treatment method uses the impact of the impact of soft tissue under the abdomen and diaphragm, so that the foreign body in the throat is discharged, thereby reaching the purpose of restoring the smooth respiratory tract.And fast -effectiveness is a way to save life in time.

1. Adult operation steps: Place the rescuer in the stand or sitting position. The rescuer hugs the rescuer with both hands, with his right thumb palm to the joints, and the upper umbilical in the middle of the abdomen is probably under the sword process.s position.Press the other hand on the right hand fist, press the chest cavity upward, and quickly impact in the abdomen for about 6-10 times, quickly improve the pressure in the chest, and help the foreign body in the airway are excreted by stress.

2. Infant operation steps under the age of 3: The use of the above operations for infants under 3 years of age can easily cause secondary damage.At this time, the child can be poured back to the rescuer’s thighs, the thicker is close to the knee, and the skull is as lower as the savior’s knee as much as possible. Use his right hand to quickly shoot the child’s back to help the child cough the foreign body in the airway.

3. Symptoms of gastrointestinal gastrointestinal need to identify whether there are severe digestive tract diseases. If the symptoms are severe, you need to go to the hospital’s digestive clinic for detailed digestive tract -related examinations, such as feces examination, abdominal B -ultrasound, CT, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, Tumor logo, etc.

4. When infections such as fever and abdominal pain, you should go to the hospital’s digestive internal medicine clinic for manure examination and the original test of the stool pathogenic, “right medicine”.Avoid abuse of antibiotics at home, causing problems such as delays of diseases, intestinal flora disorders, and infection.

Prevention is greater than treatment and develops good eating habits

It is important to concentrate on eating and avoid meals.Pay attention to what foods you eat and try to avoid swallowing foreign objects, especially excessive or sharp foods.Avoid eating hot food.Control the speed of eating and quantitative eating.Pay attention to the taste of food to avoid expired or unclean food.Eat regularly and develop the habit of washing hands before dinner.In addition, the gastric mucosa protective agent can be appropriately applied to the gastric mucosa, such as sulfur, aluminum and magnesium carbonate, such as gastric mucosa, aluminum carbonate, etc.Such as panic enzyme tablets, di methane oil, bears to remove biliary acid.If diarrhea occurs, the intestinal mucosa can be used to protect the intestinal mucosa, and probiotics can be used to regulate the intestinal flora.

(Edit: Ye Fang correspondent: Huang Rui, Liu Wenqin, Shen Lina)

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