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Erectional impotence is not firm

Pensory erection is a male erectile dysfunction. Generally, the causes of impotence are incomplete. The specific treatment method needs to be based on the specific cause.

1. Prostatitis

The impermanence of impotence is caused by prostatitis, mainly due to the release of inflammatory factors caused by prostatitis, which will affect the sensitivity of the sponge of the penis to therogen, which will affect the erectile function. In addition, long -term dysplasia of prostatitis can also affect the spirit of men and affect erectile function. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take oral Achicterin capsules, levofloxacin tablets, hydrochloride cylinder capsules and other drugs.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a common male erectile dysfunction. Vascular and neuropathy caused by diabetes can cause damage to the vessel endothelial cells of the penis sponge body. Therefore, patients with diabetes should also improve their alertness to erectile function. Therefore, patients with diabetes need a light diet, balanced daily food nutritional ingredients to avoid excessive dietary calories.

3, orchitis

When orchitis is severe, erectile dysfunction occurs. You can go to a regular hospital urology department for a routine test of testicular high ultrasound urine. Through intravenous antibiotics, take a warm water daily, avoid spicy and irritating food, sexual life, and have sex life. Moderate, not masturbating and sedentary, and actively cooperate with treatment.

When a man has an impotence, he should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time and treat targeted treatment according to the cause.

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