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Eur J Heart Fail: Left atrium function indicators can predict low -risk people heart failure

Globally, heart failure (HF) is the main cause of cardiovascular mortality and incidence. HF’s prevalence in Western countries is about 1-2%, and the 5-year mortality rate is as high as 35%.

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Recently, the authoritative magazine EUROPEAN JOURNAL of Heart Failure, an authoritative magazine in the cardiovascular field, published a research article, which aims to investigate the left heart room (LA) parameters measured by the chest ultrasound diagram as the community queue. The effectiveness of the indicator.

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In this large -scale general crowd research (n = 2221), the participants were checked by ultrasonic heart dynamic diagrams. Researchers measured the maximum and minimum LA volume (LAVIMAX and Lavimin) related to participants and the body surface area, and calculated the LA empty scores (LAEF) and LA expansion index (LAEI).

Among the 1951 participants who had no atrial fibrillation or obvious valve disease, the average age was 59 ± 16 years, and 58%were women. At the baseline, 1%(n = 16) participants LV ejection scores were less than 50%, 44%of participants suffered from high blood pressure, and 10%of participants suffered from diabetes. During the follow-up period (the median is 15.8 years, IQR is 11.3-16.2 years), 187 (10%) participants were diagnosed with HF. Compared with participants without HF, participants diagnosed as HF during the follow -up period have greater Lavimax and Lavimin, as well as lower LAEF and Laei. In unsettled analysis, Lavimax, Lavimin, Laef, and Laei are HF predictive factors. After the clinical and ultrasonic diagram parameters are adjusted, only Lavimin is still an independent predictive factors that occur in HF (the HR of each SD is 1.22 (1.01-1.47), P = 0.038).

It can be seen that in the general population, Lavimin is an independent prediction factor for HF. Lavimax is the only LA measurement indicator in the current conventional ultrasonic heart dynamic diagram, not an independent prediction indicator that occurs in HF.

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