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European urological: Has it infertility become a epidemic disease?The metabolism of the semen microorganism is closely related to infertility

Of the 50 million infertile couples around the world, about half of them are difficult to conceive due to male factors. Recent studies have shown that with the continued decline in the number of sperm in the world due to unknown reasons, this epidemic disease may be expanding.

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The microorganisms are a term that describes the unique community of all resident microorganisms living in almost every ecological position in the human body. The microbial group contains many genetic materials, which plays a key role in normal physiological symbiosis and pathogenic disorders (bacteria to diseases). Although there are more and more overall literature in the microbiological group, there are very few documents that explore the role of microorganisms in men’s infertility.

Recent The key abnormal classification and biochemical pathway in the pathogenesis of male infertility. The research results were published in the latest journal of European Urology.

The research team recruited 25 primary characteristic infertility men and 12 healthy men who have been proven to be patriarchal, and collected rectal wipes, semen samples, medium urine samples and experimental controls. For a comprehensive semen analysis, 16SRRNA and Shotgun macao group sequencing sequencing is used for quantitative high -resolution classification. The functional metabolic pathway analysis of each sample is 140 million.

Consistent with the previous literature, the researchers identified a wealth of microbial groups from urine and semen, and found that the microorganisms in the men’s intestine were significantly different from the microbial group in urine and semen, and they looked relatively similar. Pseudolytic bacteria, fake yellow monocylobus and eosinobacterium (members of the deamorrhizal pads) are excessively expressed in semen. The semen is exhausted.

In addition, the study also discussed the classification differences between the microbial group between the infertile men and the health fertility control group, and found a significant difference in global diversity. Researchers found increasing aerosol in the semen of infertile men, and found that the quality of Predero and semen was negatively related, while the fake monolm and total active sperm numbers were directly related.

However, there are still controversy why there are only some of the patients with varicocele. Researchers only found the transformation of anaerobic bacteria among the infertile men in the iconic vein. This proposes an interesting mechanism hypothesis that some male fertility capabilities with dexterous veins may be caused by the potential changes of the microbial group (or even vice versa).

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In short, this preliminary study represents the first comprehensive investigation of the male infertility microorganisms. These findings also provide the foundation for future research.

参考文献:Functional and Taxonomic Dysbiosis of the Gut, Urine, and Semen Microbiomes in Male Infertility Scott D. Lundy Naseer Sangwan Neel V. Parekh Edmund S. Sabanegh Sarah C. Vij Charis Eng Show all authors Open AccessPublished:February 08, 2021DOI:

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