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Everbright sullenness is easy to hurt the liver?If these symptoms appear in the body, the liver may be “asking for help”

As the saying goes, it is a big injury. According to research at the Atlanta Disease Control Center in the United States, 90%of the diseases are inseparable from emotions.

Not only is angry, but it may also cause great physiological changes, leading to the normal operation of the body organs.

1. Love sulking, cancer may come to the door

I often listen to others saying that being murdered, and the damage to the body cannot be ignored, and the emotions are largely related to the health of the body.

Chen Luquan, deputy chief physician of the traditional therapy department of Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that anger can also damage the liver, and the popularity of love and blood can hurt liver qi and even induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Liver damage is even greater.

Song Shaojun, director of neurosurgery of Hainan Cancer Hospital, said that bad emotions may also be related to cancer such as gastric cancer, brain cancer, and liver cancer.

Second, these liver cancer precursors, I hope you don’t

Because there are no obvious symptoms in the early days, it is easy to be ignored. As a result, many patients are already in the advanced liver cancer at the time of consultation. The prognosis effect is not ideal. In fact, liver cancer will also send a signal for help. I hope that some of the liver cancer are precursors.

Fatigue and weakness, loss of appetite, abnormal weight loss, abdominal pain, abdominal unknown mass, etc. are some of the symptoms of liver cancer. Once you find it, you must be vigilant and check the consultation as soon as possible.

For liver cancer, early diagnosis and premature treatment of the survival rate, it is recommended that it can be confirmed in combination with medical history, abdominal B -ultrasound, nail protein testing, abdominal enhancement CT, and puncture biopsy.

Third, 5 liver injury, correction as soon as possible

Many unhealthy living habits are likely to cause liver damage and even induce liver cancer. The following behaviors of the liver are best to correct them early.

1. Sitting for a long time

The habit of sitting for a long time will not only cause fat hoarding, but also cause various diseases. According to a study from South Korea, people who take ten hours a day are less than five hours. The risk of alcoholic fatty liver is 9%higher.

2. Like urinating

Urine is not a good habit. If the toxins in the urine cannot be discharged in time, it is likely to cause the human liver and kidney to be damaged.

3. Do not pay attention to diet

Usually eat less high -fat foods, mildew foods, half -lifetime dish, pickled food, alcohol and other foods that are prone to hurt the liver. Pay attention to nutritional balance.

4. Always stay up late

Frequent staying up late can cause liver to miss the best period of detoxification, increase the chance of incidence of liver disease, and even cause liver damage.

5. Blind medication

It is three poisonous medicines. Remember that the medicine should not be eaten randomly. Some drugs and health products are likely to have liver toxicity. Blind medication is likely to cause damage to the liver and kidney.

Love is very harmful to the body. It may not only damage the liver, but also induce cancer. Usually, we must do a good job in the protection of the liver, stay away from staying up late, sedentary, urination, disorder, etc., and do it, and do it, and do it. Good regular medical examination screening.

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