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Everyone has “cancer cells”?Experts announced the three groups of “anti -cancer passwords”, which can benefit from a lifetime

“Cancer is eaten”



“How can cancer be inherited by parents”

“I heard that the person’s cancer was infected”


According to statistics, in 2020, there were 4.57 million new cancer patients in my country, accounting for 23.7%of the world’s new cancer patients, and 3 million cancer deaths, accounting for 30%of global cancer deaths.Whether it is the number of new patients or the number of deaths, the number of patients ranks first in the world.

So how did cancer come from?

First, everyone has “cancer cells”. Is it lucky to suffer from cancer?

In fact, there are cancer cells in the human body. During the daily metabolism process of the human body, more than 10 billion new cells will grow, of which 1-20 cancer cells will be used. After all, the process of cell division and reproduction will inevitably make mistakes.

So why only some people suffer from cancer?Scientists have found that the same mutation may cause cancer or carcinogenic in different circumstances.

According to the study of the zebrafish published in Science, published in Science, which commemorates Sloan-Katelin Cancer Center, the carcinogenic ability is commonly mediated by spectrometer-specific transcription factors, chromatin factor, and carcinogenic genes.

In addition, the immune system in the human body has a powerful anti -cancer effect. Most of the cancer cells will be repaired or eliminated, and only a few people develop cancer.

However, there is a saying that “as long as you live for a long time, you will suffer from cancer.” How much is the probability of cancer in that person’s life?

According to the global cancer data statistics of the International Cancer Research Institute, except for other objective factors and competitive deaths, the risk of cancer before the age of 75 was 21.4%.

In terms of subdivision, the overall risk of Chinese people with cancer is 20.6%, which means that an average of five Chinese people will suffer from cancer before the age of 75.

2. Those who love to do these three things, the probability of “winning” is high

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic mutations, and carcinogenic genes are generally inherited from parents.However, in addition to heredity, carcinogenic mutations are also affected by the environment and personal influence, especially the following things, which will further stimulate normal cell mutations.

1. Love to drink

According to statistics, about 3 million people in the world lose their lives due to excessive drinking, and men account for 75%.

A study on drinking and cancer, after 10 years of follow -up of more than 512,000 adults, it is found that often drinking alcoholic alcohol, esophageal cancer, bowel cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer, gallbladder cancer and other cancers.

Researchers have found that, on average, every weekly alcohol intake increases 280 grams, it is better than those who do not drink:

The general risk of cancer increases by 37%;

The risk of lung cancer increases by 25%;

Liver cancer risk increases by 52%;

The risk of gallbladder cancer and gallbladder cancer increases by 60%;

The risk of oral cancer and laryngeal cancer increases by 74%;

The risk of bowel cancer increased by 19%.

2. Big fish and meat

Frequent big fish, big meat, and less dietary fiber eating habits will lead to worsening gastrointestinal burden, slow intestinal motility, easier to be stared at by constipation, and toxins are more likely to stay.

3. Smoking

According to the American Society of Cancer, the number of deaths killed in 2011 was 346,000, of which 48.5%of the cause of cancer death was smoking.A large number of smokers have a probability of cancer 17 times that of non -smokers.

Tobacco tobacco contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including 69 carcinogens, and more than 1 million people die from tobacco -related diseases every year.

3. Experts announce the “anti -cancer password”, maybe to learn

Once cancer cells start to grow in the body, it will constantly split and proliferate, from cancer cells to tumors, do you know how fast it is?

A moving picture shared by Zhang Minghui Research Team at the School of Immunology at Tsinghua University’s School of Medicine can be seen that cancer cells proliferate and split at a double speed, first one, then two, four, eight, sixteen … slowly, slowly, slowlyIt turned into a tumor and even constantly metastasis.

That cancer is aggressive, how should we prevent?Chen Wanqing, director of the Early Treatment Office of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, announced a set of “anti -cancer passwords”: 579 4921 1540.

1. Rainbow of fruits and vegetables 579

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent bowel cancer and reduce the risk of multiple cancers.

Children who are under 12 years of age are recommended to eat 5 servings of fruits and fruits a day (3 vegetables and 2 fruits).Women who are over 12 years old eat 7 dishes and fruits (4 vegetables, 3 fruits) every day, and men over 12 years old eat 9 parts of fruits and fruits (5 vegetables, 4 fruits).

2. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol 4921

Tobacco and alcohol are related to a variety of cancers. If the smokers can quit smoking at the age of 40, it can restore the life of at least 9 years; it is best not to exceed 20 grams of drinking every day, and women cannot exceed 10 grams.

3. Regular screening 1540

People who have a history of cancer in the history of direct systems are recommended to conduct anti-cancer medical examinations as early as 15-20 years earlier than those of direct relatives; people over 40 years of age should conduct cancer screening regularly.

In fact, everyone has cancer cells in the body, but a few cancer cells are fixed by the powerful immune system of the human body. Therefore, most people will not be stared at by cancer, and only a few people will be stared at with cancer.

People who usually have a big fish, drinking, and smoking are more likely to be stared at by cancer. It is recommended to prevent cancer.

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