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Excellent vein, a lot of harm!Don’t “underestimate” these consequences

Nowadays, more and more male diseases appear on their friends, which has a great impact on their lives and work, and the iconic veins are one of them. The emergence of iconic veins, in addition to bringing physical influence on male friends, but also putting a lot of pressure on men’s psychology.

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What are the harms of iconic veins? After the iconic veins, there are many matters that need to be paid attention to.

The harm of the iconic vein

1. Cause infertility

Sacrifice veins can easily cause some tissue to be hypoxic, which then causes some tissue garbage to be unable to discharge, resulting in the active sperm tissue and sperm of testicular, which are affected. It is extremely prone to weak sperm or dead essence, causing infertility in male compatriots.

2. Influencing sexual desire

Some patients with veins are uncomfortable in the scrotum, such as falling, swelling and pain, cold, etc., causing the male compatriots to not be able to gather attention, which will affect the desire of the gentleman.

3. Sperm quality

Because the combination of sperm and growth ended under the condition of low temperature, the sperm varicose veins will cause the private parts to increase the heat. Therefore, the sperm veins not only affect the biological sperm function of boys, but also cause sperm quality.

Precautions after the iconic vein

1. Excessive exercise

Some small partners have the varicocele, because of the large amount of activity, especially those who are martial arts and special work, have a lot of exercise, and they are very severe. Essence So stay away from exercise after surgery.

2. Avoid long -standing

Due to the long -term standing, the local blood is not bad, and it is easy to send out the varicose veins. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid long -standing as much as possible after this disease, and appropriate switching to sitting or lying.

3. Repair desire

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Young friends are always bloody, causing the intercourse to be too frequent. Reproductive organs have been in a state of congestion for a long time, and it is easy to cause the problem of varicocele. It is recommended that the small partner do not perform intercourse after surgery, and abstain from for a while.

4. Appropriate clothes

Some friends like to wear some tight pants. In fact, too tight pants or impermeability can easily cause sperm quality. Men try to choose some fabrics with better ventilation functions, so that reproductive organs can breathe and heat dissipation.

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